Monday, September 20, 2021

Jagdale Industries Partners With Rotary India To Provide Immune Nutrition To Vulnerable Children In India

* With an objective to drive behavior change, the nationwide partnership program will reach out to 30,000 orphan children across India to highlight the importance of immune nutrition 

Jagdale Healthcare, today announced its partnership with Rotary India to provide immune nutrition as preventive health support to vulnerable children in India. Under Mulmina Bal Suraksha Kavach Program, Jagdale will distribute 30,000 trays (8.1 lakh packs) of Mulmina immunity drink in Tetra Pak cartons to children from marginalized communities across India, including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, National Capital Region, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Telangana, and West Bengal  The team will also conduct awareness sessions about immune nutrition with assistance from medical practitioners in a 27-day course to 30,000 children.  The initiative was kick-off earlier today with distribution of immune kits to 300 children from Bosco Mane, Chamrajpet, and Bengaluru.

Mulmina Bal Suraksha Kavach Program is being launched to commemorate the Birth Centenary Celebration of its JIPL Founder- Late Sri Radha Krishna N. Jagdale.

Mulmina® provides mesonutrients, micronutrients to boost immunity and to increase total antioxidant capacity. Mulmina® is a tasty refreshing blend of Immune Nutrients like fruits, herbs with essential vitamins and minerals. Mulmina is available in two variants. Mulmina Mango contains Mango, Turmeric and Gotu Kola/Centella asiatica and Mulmina Amla Orange contains Amla and Orange. The components of Mulmina® synergistically act to provide a rich blend of micro and Meso-nutrients contributing antioxidant and immune boosting property through their high ORAC units of 5668 & 5400 respectively which meets the daily recommended dose of ORAC units. The drink has been well received by users, especially children, owing to its delicious taste. Both are proven to be completely safe for oral consumption among children with or without antibiotics. Mulmina® is the first beverage of this nature to use Tetra Pak’s aseptic processing technology, and comes packed in tamper-evident, safe and sustainable Tetra Pak cartons, which are proven to keep the nutrients intact for as long as 12 months without refrigeration until opened. They are also easy for children to handle and consume from.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Rajesh N Jagdale - Chairman & Managing Director JIPL said, “Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are deeply concerned about the current and future health impact on young children, especially from vulnerable communities. As per WHO & several health experts, immune system is the body’s defense against disease and infection. There are certain micro-nutrients & vitamins which, when consumed, can bring additional health benefits. With this program, our ambition is to create awareness and provide support through a comprehensive immune nutrition curriculum to children from the impacted communities. This is our humble effort to help build a healthier nation.”

“It is our honor to have customers like JIPL, who share our vision of making food safe and available everywhere. Tetra Pak’s processing and packaging technology helps protect food, keep it safe for months without preservatives while leaving no room for adulteration/contamination. It is especially critical for products such as Mulmina where all the nutrients like Vitamin C need to remain intact. It is heartwarming to see the power of our technology being used to bring nutrition to the remotest corners and the most disadvantaged communities across the country,” adds Ashutosh Manohar, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia.

To understand the supplementary requirements for children, clinical trials of Mulmina Mango were conducted among young children with respiratory tract infections. The trials successfully proved the immune boosting and antioxidant properties of Mulmina Mango. Additionally, Jagdale Industries has also conducted other studies on Mulmina among COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers, which showed successful results in terms of speedy recovery by boosting immunity & increasing antioxidant benefits.

Commenting on the partnership, Sreedhar Ramamurthy, Rotary Bangalore Aagneya said, “Proper nutrition & education are the catalyst to social change and one of the most critical aspect to empower young children. We are honored to have partnered with a thought leading organization – Jagdale Industries for this one-of-a-kind community initiative aimed at bringing positive change & improving lives amongst the community.”

During the first phase, the programme will focus on working with local communities and develop a workforce. These volunteers will be provided with adequate training by public health experts, pediatricians, and community development specialists, and education about the immune-led good nutrition.

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