Friday, March 19, 2021

First Advantage Launches Vendor Screening Solution For Empanelment Of Vendors Across Indian Market

* Helps minimize company’s potential risk by screening current and prospective agencies, customers, vendors and suppliers

First Advantage, India’s leading Background Screening firm, announced the launch of Vendor Screening solution for pre- and post-screening services for empanelment of vendors.

Vendors have a pivotal role in the growth of an organization and in many cases represent the  face of a brand to its consumers and audience. Lack of vendor screening can lead to unwanted consequences like law suits due to wrong partnerships, potential fraud and abuse, financial failure leading to breach of contract which can result in serious ramifications on a company’s public image.

Vendor Screening solution from First Advantage delivers complete view of third party’s risk profile and helps minimize a company’s potential liability by screening its current agencies, prospective customers, vendors and suppliers. It also helps businesses take decisions to expand operations by verifying vendor’s credentials.

Vendor Screening solution from First Advantage includes:

* Company verification Online Research

* Company verification site visit

* TAN Validation

* Validation of Certificate of Incorporation

* Court Record Research

* Address Verification

* India Database checks

* Global Database checks

Speaking on the launch, Amit Singh, Head Commercial of First Advantage India says, “For any organization, checking a vendor’s credentials, as well as those of its owners is an essential practice before providing a vendor access to business assets, facilities and workforce. This may protect a company from downtime besides potential loss in revenue and future liability. Vendor Screening Solution launched by First Advantage serves to reduce  risk and enhances  employees, client & brand safety, reveal a company’s past performance trends, history & reputation and deliver quality verification with faster turnaround time.”

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About First Advantage

First Advantage is a winning combination of searches and service that provides insights to reduce risk while improving the quality of the talent and the reliability of the renters, standing out in the tech industry as a whole. First Advantage achieves success through innovation – whether that means innovative product development or enhancement to the candidate experience. Powering this through agile transformation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, block chain, products for the next generation employees – monitoring, fraud, facial recognition, and many others.

As a trusted partner to over 35,000 organizations, First Advantage has offices in 25 locations across 15 countries and conducts 75 million international background screens.

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