Friday, March 19, 2021

Breathe Out Exam Stress In India With Headspace Minis On Snapchat

A stack of rough notes, sample test papers, and fresh stationery describe a student who is gearing up for exams. Stress and anxiety is inevitable and it’s important to keep calm and de-stress from time to time ahead of your exam day. It is also important to keep a close check on your friends as well to ensure they are relaxed and in a better frame of mind to give their best shot. For those seeking peace, meditation can help in many ways from relaxing your mind to help you focus better.

If pressed on time and unable to meet your friends in person, we recommend trying three Headspace mini-meditations on Snapchat that will help you and your friends feel relaxed instantly together.

●  Kick The Panic - this meditation set will allow you to recognize your fear and help you overcome feelings of panic and anxiety leaving you feeling refreshed

●  Just Breathe - when trying to keep up with practice sets and revising your lessons, it's important to take a moment and catch your breath. Just Breathe will help you make your study breaks more productivity by focusing on your breathing.

●  Me Time - as the name suggests, the meditation will help you disconnect from your routine for a couple of minutes and will allow you to bounce back feeling refreshed

The Headspace Mini on Snapchat was launched to provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation. In its first month of being live, over 5 million Snapchatters engaged with the Headspace Mini.

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