Monday, January 25, 2021

Bangalore City Civil Court Orders Yahoo India, Apara Enterprises To Clear Long Pending Payments To Inflow Technologies

Inflow Technologies Private Limited ("Inflow") is in the business of IT Infrastructure distribution services.  Inflow became the distributor of M/s. Network Appliance B V ("NetApp") in the year 2007. Apara Enterprises Solutions Private Limited (Apara) became the Channel Partner of Inflow and used to supply the NetApp products to end customers PAN India.  During the course of business transactions, Apara failed to pay/clear the invoices to Inflow, which resulted in huge credit outstanding.  Inflow stopped supplies of NetApp products to Apara since Apara did not clear the outstanding payments.

Subsequently, Yahoo India Private Limited being the customer of Apara was in need of NetApp products & services. Yahoo assured Apara and Inflow through letters stating that the invoice value will be credited only to ESCROW account jointly maintained by Inflow and Apara.  Based on the assurance of Yahoo, Inflow supplied NetApp products & services to Apara and Apara in turn supplied to Yahoo.  In spite of the assurance given by Yahoo, Yahoo failed to deposit the invoice amount of Apara into the designated ESCROW Account.

With commitment not being honoured by Yahoo & Apara and having no other alternative to recover the outstanding amount, Inflow filed a Civil Money Recovery Suit before the City Civil Court at Bangalore.  Upon scrutiny of the documents as well as the evidence given by the witnesses, the Court has held that Yahoo is liable and responsible for the payment payable to Inflow by Apara and accordingly directed Yahoo and Apara to jointly pay a sum of Rs.8,56,48,460.90 along with the interest @9% per annum. 

About Inflow Technologies

Inflow Technologies was founded in the year 2005 and is headquartered in Bangalore. A niche player in the IT Distribution Services market in India / South Asia. Inflow Technologies addresses the growing needs of organizations to manage and secure information more effectively and intelligently. The team at Inflow Technologies are well-versed with latest and the most powerful technologies available today for locating, organizing, managing, retrieving, analyzing, protecting, and presenting the information. 

Being a VAD (Value Add Distributor), we cater to Cyber Security, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Networking, Automatic Identification and Data Capture & POS, Infrastructure & Application Software, Storage & servers, Electronic Security products & related Services in South Asia.

We have direct relationships with 40+Global Technology vendors, have a strong channel of 1400+ partners, offering one or more solutions to 7000+ end customers.

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