Friday, January 29, 2021

HSIL Delivered Strong Revenue Growth Of 10.8% And EBIT Growth Of 65.9% On Y-o-Y

 HSIL Limited, India’s leading packaging and building products manufacturing company, today announced its financial results for the third quarter ended on December 31, 2020.

Financial Performance Highlights: Q3 FY2021

* Total income of ? 548 crore, growth of 10.8% on Y-o-Y basis

* EBITDA of ? 101 crore, growth of 35.5% on Y-o-Y basis with EBITDA margins of 18.4%

* EBIT of ? 70 crore with EBIT margins of 12.7%

* Net profit of ? 36 crore with margins of 6.6%

Q3 FY2021 Results Update:

Total income for the third quarter of FY2021 was ? 548 crore compared to ? 494 crore in the same quarter last year, a growth of 10.8% on Y-o-Y basis. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, sales rebounded successively in the third quarter driven by improved average realizations, improved product mix and a strong recovery in volumes underpinned by robust demand from alcoholic beverage industry. Packaging Products reported Revenue from Operations of ? 361 crore, a growth of 15.2% on Y-o-Y basis while Building Products reported Revenue from Operations of ? 179 crore, a growth of 29.8 % on Y-o-Y basis.

HSIL reported EBITDA of ? 101 crore with EBITDA margins improving to 18.4% as compared to 15.0% in Q3 FY2020. The margin improvement was driven by improved capacity utilization levels coupled with optimized sourcing of key raw materials. Adjusted PAT margins were 6.6% in Q3 FY2021 as compared to 3.2% in Q3 FY2020 and 5.0% in Q2 FY2021. The income tax writebacks of ? 14.7 crore in Q2 FY2021 resulted in higher profit after tax during that period.

During the quarter, Company also completed the Buy Back of 7.59 million shares for an amount aggregating to ? 63.9 crore. The Company has utilized 91.32% of the maximum Buy Back Size excluding the transaction costs, as per regulatory provisions.

Business Vertical Performance: In Packaging Products, sales recovered very well with volumes driven largely by beer, food & beverage industry. Due to optimized sourcing of key raw materials and higher capacity utilization, EBIT margins improved to 17.6% in Q3 FY2021 from 14.2% in Q3 FY2020. During the quarter, 46 new products were developed, and 13 new products were also commercialized. In Building Products, post Covid-19 lockdowns, all the plants are now operational and the capacity utilization levels have improved sequentially.

HSIL maintained its focus on Packaging Products Business and the segment saw sales volumes growth during the quarter, reflecting consumers’ preference for quality and sustainable packaging alternatives. The Company also aligned its operations to navigate successfully in the challenging environment and was able to generate strong results with the expectation of benefiting from operational efficiencies and cost reduction efforts in the longer run.

Commenting on the quarterly results, Mr. Sandip Somany, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, HSIL Limited said, “For the quarter under review, HSIL Limited has delivered excellent results on the back of higher capacity utilization, operational efficiency and cost optimization measures resulting in resilient margins. Our Glass business continues to accelerate, while Building Products Division reported another strong quarter of sustained growth.”

Given the strong demand and better opportunities in the glass packaging market, the company plans to invest ? 220 crore to manufacture high margin specialty glass with a manufacturing capacity of 150 tonnes per day which will be completed within next 18 months.

About HSIL Limited:

HSIL Limited is India’s leading Packaging Products Company that manufactures and markets various packaging products, including glass containers and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, products & security caps, and closures. Packaging Products Division has six plants in India, located across Telangana, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka. This Division has a comprehensive product range, catering to 500+ globally acclaimed institutional clients in India. The company’s Building Products division primarily comprises the manufacturing of sanitaryware, faucets, and plastic pipes and fittings and has five plants spread across Haryana, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

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