Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ratan Tata: Entrepreneurial Creativity Needs to Adapt to Changing Needs of the Country & Globe

Ratan Tata, at the backdrop of TechSparks 2020 today, addressed entrepreneurs on the changing needs and times of a developing nation. Shining a spotlight on key issues in India and the world must contend with including humanitarian crises, hunger and global food shortage as well as advancements in space-age technologies and advanced electronics. 

“We know we're not doing it for ourselves, we're doing it for the enjoyment of doing something that hasn't been done before, but more importantly, meeting the needs of either the country or the planet as a whole,” Mr. Ratan Tata via video said, signing off the event. “While innovation and creativity are the corner stones of entrepreneurship, guiding entrepreneurs to the changing needs of the country is critical,” he added.

Mr. Tata ended his address by making a call for humility among entrepreneurs and asked them to introspect on how they can make a difference, not just in valuation but also to humanity and the human population.

Appended below is the link to Mr. Ratan Tata’s entire address at Tech Sparks 2020:

Keynote: Ratan Tata | TechSparks 2020

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