Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dream11 Achieves 5.3 Million+ User Concurrency in Dream11 IPL 2020

●      The Dream11 App received ~60 million requests per minute

●      The App experienced a surge of 44.4% traffic volume of active users during the opening match

As of 14th October, Dream11, India's Biggest Fantasy Sports Platform, achieved a technology milestone of 5.3 million+ concurrent users. The Dream11 platform experienced a surge of 44.4% traffic volume as against the final match of IPL 2019. As a sports tech brand dedicated to provide a seamless digital sports fan engagement to each and every one of its 9 crore users, Dream11 applies advanced technology and has built a robust back-end infrastructure to manage high traffic of users right before the match start time.

Notable Tech Stats of the Dream11 App:

●      Achieved 5.3 million+ user concurrency

●      Seamlessly managed 60 million requests per minute

●      Witnesses 8000+ contest joins per second

●      18 million+ contest joins in a single match

●      20000+ team updates per second

●      ~7.9 million entries in a single contest

Dream11 enhanced the technology behind the platform for the “Dream11 IPL” to manage the ever-growing incoming traffic and ensure a seamless digital sports fan engagement experience fantasy sports platform a seamless experience for all the users.

Notable Tech Innovations this IPL by Dream11:

●      Creating Infrastructure Backbone: Dream11 created a system/unified infrastructure that supports efficient auto-scaling to handle over 1.5X the baseline workload

●      Performance Improvement: Compared to IPL 2019, the ball-to-ball analytics time was reduced from 56  - 120 sec to just 20 - 25 sec in Dream11 IPL 2020

●      User interface (UI) Optimisation: For users who are on a 2G connection with low-end devices, Dream11 tech team created a UI that helps users complete their interactions 15-20% faster than before. It also helped in reducing the app start time by 7% and decreasing the screen load time

●      Inception of Data Highway: A novel system in-house was created that followed the Lambda architecture, allowing horizontal scaling and providing more flexibility to offer 360-degree realistic analytics on user concurrency, transaction rates amongst other tasks

●      Iron-Clad Security System: To make the system more resilient, self-aware and intelligent, the Dream11 tech team created an automated anomaly detection, correction and alerting system

Commenting on the technology behind Dream11, Abhishek Ravi, Chief Information Officer, Dream Sports & Dream11 said, “The IPL is one of the biggest sporting extravaganzas in India. Every year it gets bigger than the last and presents a fantastic opportunity for the Dream11 technology team to innovate and achieve industry-first milestones. This IPL was even more special as it was the “Dream11 IPL”. As India’s biggest fantasy sports platform in India with over 9 crore users, it is sacrosanct for us to provide a seamless and secure app experience to our users. Dream11 Tech has in-sourced most of the services and created new applications and software customised specifically for the needs of Dream11 users.”

Dream11 is the Title sponsor of IPL 2020 and the flagship brand of Dream Sports, India’s leading sports technology company. Dream11 offers Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Rugby & Baseball. Dream11 offers a freemium model of fantasy sports, where users have a choice to participate for free or pay and participate in contests.

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