Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fishchain Leverages on Ecommerce Tech to Expand Presence in India

Fish Chain, Bangalore-based startup and a for-profit, social venture has launched Fishchaincat and Chatbot aimed to make seafood available in Bengaluru and expand in a phased manner across India.

After having done its pilot operations over a year ago in Coimbatore, the company has now rolled out operations in the city with new technology innovations.  Now technology and innovation power Fishchaincat every level, but the two key innovations that emphasize the brand’s focus on quality are its Chatbot led ordering process and its first of its kind van delivery model.

The bot commerce has been hosted on IBM Watson platform and comes with smart Artificial Intelligent (AI) self learning bot . So from March 15, 2017 customers can order sea food of any variety on chat. Roy Nathan, CEO and Co-founder of Fishchain said, “Our Fishchaincat and Chatbox are future of e-commerce in India and have invested extensively on it.  Customers can order in their natural language and also track, schedule the order according to their convenience. Using technology we shall reach out to the customers in a shorter time.”

The FishChain chatbot, codeveloped with tech partner PnP Labs, enables consumers to order seafood straight from their smartphones with a few simple texts. The chatbot is one of the few in the country to be enabled by IBM’s Watson Platform as a result of IBM’s association with FishChain’s technology partner.

Multiple rounds of quality checks ensure that the only the best of the day’s catch makes its way to Fish Chain’s order fulfilment centers, where highly trained Fish Chain staff cut, clean, weigh and pack a range of seafood into hygienic, odour-free packaging for delivery. Every FishChain package comes with an innovative code QR code, which when scanned, lets consumers trace where and when their seafood was caught, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality & transparency.”

Fishchain seeks to address the underserved seafood space, with a brand new seafood shopping experience on a fully integrated supply chain that is built on community, technology and consumer convenience

Nathan explained Fishchain’s focus on community, “At the heart of the Fishchain family are small, independent fishermen from whom we source directly and ethically. We’ve cut out the middlemen from the industry, allowing us to give fishermen their fair due, and consumers fresher fish faster.”  

Committed to working with the marginalized community of independent fisher folk, Fish Chain has not only introduced a first of its kind cashless payment system to ensure that the fishermen are paid promptly and transparently, but is also plowing back 10% of their annual profits into the general welfare of the community.

Naveen Chander, COO and CO-founder elaborated “We pride ourselves on placing quality over cost, not only within the Fishchain system, but also with our community of fishermen. Our fishermen understand the benefits of the long term relationship we’re building and are showing strong interest to adopt better quality control systems including handling of fishes, which helps us to ensure the quality of seafood.”  

Technology and innovation power Fishchaincat every level, but the two key innovations that emphasize the brand’s focus on quality are its chatbot led ordering process and its first of its kind van delivery model.

Fishchain’s fleet of custom designed, temperature controlled FishVans are the first of their kind in India.  Driving up to consumer’s doorsteps with a display that showcases the day’s catch in a refrigerated, completely hygienic, odour free manner, the Fishvans offer unparalleled consumer convenience.

Envisioned as a for profit enterprise with social development at its heart, the founders of Fish Chain are committed to ensuring the benefits of seafood are enjoyed, even by those who may not have access to them traditionally.

With the belief that healthy, happy children are the foundation for a better tomorrow, Fish Chain not only offers a range of kid friendly options for retail consumers, but is working with orphanages, schools and NGOs to providing the same health benefits to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds atleast twice a week. In addition, the brand is working with Amritha University’s “Fish for Food” program to develop ways to help the healthy protein in seafood reach disadvantaged urban communities.

With the launch happening on International Women’s Day, Nathan  added “Women make up nearly 40% of fisher folk, but are themselves highly marginalized in what is a male dominated industry. Fish Chain is honoured to work with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation to find ways to support fisherwomen package and market their produce, with 100% profits going back to support and build the fisherwoman community.”

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