Thursday, June 20, 2024

Pocket FM Teams Up With ElevenLabs; Launches AI Audio Series To Build World’s First Voice AI Capability To Empower Writers

* AI Audio Series has improved its production efficiency multi-fold, and empowered writers to turn their stories into audio series on Pocket FM with one simple click.

Pocket FM and ElevenLabs have joined forces to revolutionize content creation with the launch of AI Audio Series, a cutting-edge Voice AI capability now accessible worldwide. This groundbreaking partnership marks a new chapter in storytelling, empowering writers to effortlessly convert their narratives into compelling audio series with remarkable ease.

The partnership between Pocket FM and ElevenLabs signifies a significant leap forward in Voice AI technology. By harnessing ElevenLabs' expertise in this field, Pocket FM has achieved remarkable milestones in its experimental phase, slashing costs by up to 90%. With this integration, the company has multiplied its production efficiency as well. These advancements not only make audio series creation more accessible but also foster inclusivity within the writing community.

“This is a game-changing, industry-first innovation, disrupting the norm by enabling writers to seamlessly transform their stories into captivating audio series with a single click of a button" stated Prateek Dixit, CTO and Co-founder of Pocket FM. "By enabling this, we've not only empowered the writing community but also made audio series creation faster and simpler, making storytelling accessible  for everyone.”

Pocket FM has successfully produced over 30,000 hours of audio series during its experimental phase and anticipates tripling its content library this year. Currently boasting a collection of over 100,000 hours of audio series, the platform has garnered positive user feedback on its AI Audio Series, with engagement levels matching that of human voice quality.

The platform has empowered writers to bring their stories to life through audio series. By simply navigating to the "Write" tab in the Pocket FM app and selecting "Series," writers can initiate the storytelling process. After ensuring it meets the minimum word count, they can effortlessly convert their story into an audio series with a mere tap, with an option to choose their preferred voice and background music.

“We are excited to collaborate with Pocket FM in shaping the future of audio entertainment,” stated Mati Staniszewski, CEO, and Co-founder of ElevenLabs. “Combining our Voice AI expertise with Pocket FM’s innovative approach to audio series promises to take content production to new heights of efficiency and creativity. It’s an exciting journey ahead, one that we believe will set new standards in the entertainment industry.”

As Pocket FM continues to redefine entertainment with its innovative audio series, and with the company's expansion into various regions across Europe and LATAM, this collaboration will accelerate content strategy and enhance efficiency in content generation. Currently, Pocket FM boasts strong leadership positions in the U.S. and India, drawing audiences from more than 20 countries worldwide.

Beyond publishing, ElevenLabs delivers lifelike, realistic, and emotionally rich AI voices for various applications across 29 languages: from conversational AI and gaming to movie dubbing, as well as medical and accessibility uses. The company offers these capabilities through a number of proprietary audio AI models optimized for specific purposes, such as long-form and multilingual speech generation, AI dubbing, or latency-sensitive tasks.

About Pocket FM:  

Founded in 2018, Pocket FM was built with a vision to redefine the audio OTT space by pioneering the audio-series category. We pride ourselves in embedding the storytelling elements with a layer of content personalization in the longer format that resulted in the emergence of “binge listening” as a consumption habit. Being the only audio entertainment OTT, we have emerged as the preferred digital audio destination for a refined storytelling experience with the audio-series format, riding on our diverse and engaging content. 

The Pocket FM app is available on iOS and Android. To learn more, visit Write to us for more information - 

About ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs researches and builds audio AI tools for creators, media, and businesses. Their models use proprietary methods for context awareness and high compression to deliver lifelike, compelling, and nuanced speech, voices, and sound effects across 29 languages. The company’s AI tools are used to voice audiobooks and news articles, animate video game characters, help in film pre-production, localize media in entertainment, create dynamic audio content for social media and advertising, and train medical professionals. It has also given back voices to those who have lost them and helped individuals with accessibility needs in their daily lives.

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