Wednesday, June 19, 2024

AVPL International Secures Dual Certification From EASA For VIRAJ Drone, Paving The Way For European Market Entry

In a pioneering move, AVPL International has become the first Indian drone manufacturer to obtain dual certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its cutting-edge VIRAJ drone. This significant milestone highlights the superior quality and stringent safety standards of the VIRAJ drone, positioning AVPL International to commercially deploy its advanced technology throughout Europe.

The dual certification affirms the VIRAJ drone's compliance with the highest safety and performance benchmarks, enabling seamless integration into European airspace. Consequently, this certification endows AVPL International with a pronounced competitive edge, facilitating secure and efficient drone operations within the European market.

“We are honoured to become the first Drone company in India to achieve dual certification for our VIRAJ drone,” said Ms. Preet Sandhuu, Co-founder and Chairman of AVPL International. “This certification validates our commitment to excellence and allows us to expand further into the European market, bringing advanced drone solutions to the global industry. We believe that with this certification, we are on the anvil of becoming a global drones major, making India shine further in the global drones ecosystem.”

The VIRAJ drone, classified under the small category unmanned aircraft, is designed for efficiency and versatility in agricultural applications. It operates using a twin battery-powered system and offers both master and slave configurations. The drone features a 10-litre tank for spraying fertilisers and pesticides and a 10-litre seed dispenser, making it suitable for a variety of farming needs. With a flight time of up to 30 minutes per charge, the VIRAJ drone can cover 3-4 acres per charge for spraying or seeding.

“This achievement marks a pivotal moment for AVPL International,” added Mr. Deep Sihag, Co-founder and Managing Director of AVPL International. “Receiving this certification is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. It will undoubtedly boost our scalability and penetration in the market. As we enter the European market, we are excited to continue our tradition of innovation and excellence, elevating the future of drone technology to new heights.Also we are focused on getting CASA certification for Australia Market in near Future.”

“The European market represents a significant opportunity for AVPL International,” said Mr. Himanshu Sharma, CEO of AVPL International. According to him, “The VIRAJ Drone has all the latest features like endurance, stability & performance. Securing dual certification is a critical milestone in our strategic growth plan. We are eager to engage with new collaborations and partners, and confident that the VIRAJ drone will set new standards for performance and reliability. As a well-established player in this burgeoning market, AVPL International is strategically positioned to become one of the industry leaders.”

ABOUT AVPL International: 

AVPL International is a prominent leader in the drone ecosystem, dedicated to uplift rural youth, and provides international and competitive training aimed at global employment. They offer comprehensive services including Drone and Skill Training, Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS), and Drone Manufacturing, alongside a network of agri-input retail outlets. AVPL International is also destined to open 85000 Farmer’s City agri input shops along with 65000 Drone entrepreneurs across India to provide all agriculture solutions to farmers. AVPL is upgrading drone manufacturing units with a capacity of 2000 drones per month along with development of tech platforms Farmer’s City and Drone Planet. Recently AVPL has entered into collaboration with NSDC (Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt of India)for establishing 20 World Skill and Incubation Hubs (WSIH) and 50 Global Skill and Incubation Hubs (GSIH) across 12 states for Diploma and certificate programs on Drones ,IOT ,Agriculture and allied sectors to promote the international placements for indian youth.These programs will also have certificate programs prestigious from NSDC partner IITs /IIMs.

AVPL's VIRAJ drone recently got type certification from the Director general of Civil Aviation for 10 ltr agriculture drone. Also 16 ltr medium drone and surveillance drone has been submitted for type certification to DGCA. AVPL has planned to  enter the defence and surveillance sector in the next 18-24 months. They have partnered with IFFCO for spraying pesticides in 50,00,000 acres of land in 8 states. Recently, AVPL International has joined hands with IIT Kanpur in a strategic partnership to develop cutting-edge drones for transforming global agriculture, addressing key challenges faced by large-scale landholders.

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