Saturday, June 22, 2024

Chennai Gets Greener: Freshworks Plants 5,000+ Trees In Collaboration With Seerakku (Bhumi) NGO

What: Over 5,000 trees will be planted, with each one geo-tagged to track its growth. Dennis Woodside, CEO of Freshworks, and Shanmuga (Shyam) Anandaraman, Director of Social Impact at Freshworks will be addressing the gathering.

Why:    The primary purpose is to contribute to a greener environment by planting a significant number of trees. This aligns with the spirit of World Environment Day and focuses on Freshworks’ commitment to sustainability.

How:    Freshworks is partnering with Seerakku (Bhumi) NGO for a large-scale tree-planting event near Global Infocity, Perungudi. To track the impact of this initiative, each tree will be geo-tagged, creating a record of its location. Every employee who volunteers will be acknowledged for their contribution by receiving a digital certificate naming them a "tree owner” thereby personalizing the experience and strengthening the connection between the employees and their environmental impact.

Where:  The trees will be planted in Gov't High School Perungudi.

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