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Asiaville IUnveils Game-Changing AIGE, To Disrupt India's Media Lanscape

* Asiaville Unveils Game-Changing AIGE: Revolutionizing Interactive Content in India

Asiaville, a pioneering Media-Tech company renowned for its trailblazing digital ventures, proudly announces the launch of its patent-pending new content plus technology format: AyeVee Interactive & Gamified Experience (AIGE). This revolutionary platform positions Asiaville as the creator of India's inaugural hyper-interactive content experience, seamlessly merging cinematic video content with interactive entertainment and gaming elements.

From its inception, Asiaville has consistently disrupted the market by challenging traditional content creation methods. Today, Asiaville reaches over 150 million monthly users with its vernacular focused digital content for Gen Y and Z audiences, delivering over 80 million monthly video views. Their latest endeavour, AIGE, is set to redefine the content consumption landscape by transforming linear storytelling into an immersive, multi directional interactive experience.

Historically, content consumption has followed a linear path, from print to big screen to small screen. Asiaville's AIGE format disrupts this trajectory by making the audience an integral part of the storytelling process. This innovative approach fosters deeper engagement, allowing users to interact, make decisions, play games and influence the narrative, thereby creating a unique and personalized experience.

Established in 2019 by Tuhin Menon and Sashi Kumar, Asiaville has become a leader in the IP-driven Media-Tech space. With a focus on native language content, Asiaville produces and distributes content across social and OTT platforms. Now, with the launch of AIGE on its app AyeVee, Asiaville is set to introduce a whole new category of entertainment.

AyeVee has rolled out two shows, "Who Killed Kavitha?" and "Let Me Out!" utilizing the game-changing AIGE format. Both shows were fully sponsored before launch, reflecting strong brand affinity for this innovative format. This unique blend of entertainment and interaction promises to redefine media consumption, offering exciting possibilities for consumers and brands alike.

Key Features of AyeVee's Interactive & Gamified Experience (AIGE) include:

* Gamified Experiences: Users immerse themselves in a world where they play games, ranging from simple to sophisticated, to advance the live-action-led storyline. Leaderboards reflect critical metrics of user performance, with winners standing a chance to win attractive prizes from show sponsors.

* Hyper-Interactive Gameplay: Users experience real-time interactions, decision-making, and personalized storylines that respond to their actions within live-action video content.

* Seamless Integration: A seamless blend of movie-like video entertainment anchors the story, while gaming and interactive experiences immerse viewers into the heart of the AIGE experience.

Tuhin Menon, Co-founder and CEO of Asiaville Interactive Pvt Ltd, said, "The launch of AIGE marks a pivotal moment for Asiaville and, we believe, for the Indian media industry as a whole. This patent-pending format is a unique mix of cinematic entertainment, interactivity, and gaming, all blended into a seamless experience that puts the user at the heart of the storytelling experience. We believe AIGE heralds a storytelling and tech powered evolution in entertainment, enhancing the viewer's connection and investment in  the content. Our focus remains on creating great IP that can migrate across social media, OTT, and now, with AIGE, into the interactive and gamified realm."

About Asiaville:

Asiaville is a leading IP driven Media-Tech company with a vernacular language digital content network that reaches over 150 million monthly users, delivering over 80 million monthly video views; premium OTT shows with global streaming platforms like Audible, Spotify, Disney Hotstar and Sony Liv; and its own app led platform AyeVee, which hosts the patent pending AIGE (AyeVee Interactive Gamified Experience) format, extending its IP into a wholly new category of entertainment

The two new launches ‘Let me out’ and' Who killed Kavitha’, both sponsored by major brands, are now available on the AyeVee app, inviting users to embark on a journey where they not only consume content but actively shape its outcome. Join Asiaville in embracing the future of media with AIGE – where entertainment meets interactivity, and gaming takes storytelling to new heights.

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