Friday, June 21, 2024

Introducing Dobra Tapioca Crisps: A Tail Of Modern Recipes With A Traditional Twist

Oxbow Brands is ecstatic to present a premium range of kettle cooked range of Dobra Tapioca Crisps, a gourmet collection with a twist of Indian and Global Flavours for indulgent snacking. Drawing inspiration from the celebrated dishes of Kerala, where tapioca chips are a staple in every house hold, this new offering is the epitome of the brands commitment to high quality, and authentic taste.

Tapioca crisps are naturally gluten-free, high on protein and nutritious substitute for regular potato chips.

Dobra Tapioca crisps offer the Tapioca crisps in exciting Plain Salted, Extra Cheesy, Spicy Kari, Garlic Pickle, Smoky Barbeque, Tangy Tomato, Desi Wasabi flavors to entice all kinds of taste pallets

The exquisite range of Dobra Tapioca Crisps is a celebration of nostalgia and unique flavors, curated to elevate your snacking experience of indulgence, ensuring great taste and nutrition on-the-go.

"We are thrilled to introduce Dobra Tapioca Crisps, a fun twist to traditional recipes offering a nutritiously fulfilling experience" said Rahul Johar Founder & CEO of Oxbow Brands. "With Dobra Tapioca crisps, we aim to elevate the snacking game and offer the real flavours of kettle cooked chips.

Not only a satisfying snack made with freshly sourced tapioca, Dobra Tapioca crisps also serve as an excellent appetizers or side options with your main meal adding a unique twist to your home cooked food.

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