Wednesday, March 13, 2024

NueGo Services Garner High Loyalty & Advocacy Amongst Women Travelers

* Over 90% of women respondents expressed confidence in its safety measures, while 100% of them prefer and recommend NueGo for future travel.

GreenCell Mobility, India's pioneering force in shared electric mobility, proudly announced the findings of an independent survey performed by DNA Consult Advisory, which evaluated women's customer experiences with intercity bus operators across the country. The survey, which focused on female passengers aged 18 to 40 years, found that most of women respondents felt safe and secure during their rides, demonstrating NueGo's consistent commitment to passenger security. NueGo is GreenCell Mobility’s a premier intercity electric bus service.

The survey provides a comprehensive picture of female passengers' preferences and provides valuable insight into issues such as safety, security and hygiene, all of which are critical in the transportation industry. 100% of women passengers surveyed feel safe when traveling with NueGo, and 93% have expressed high confidence in NueGo's safety features. Equally notable is the fact that all respondents showed a readiness to suggest NueGo to their family, friends, and coworkers, demonstrating the brand's high consumer loyalty and advocacy.

Devndra Chawla, CEO and MD of GreenCell Mobility, reaffirmed NueGo's dedication to passenger well-being, saying, "NueGo's commitment to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all its guests, especially women, is evident in the survey findings. Women travellers tend to carry a mental burden heavier than their physical luggage—the weight of countless worries that linger in their minds long before the journey begins. NueGo aims to alleviate these concerns and provide our women guests with a worry-free journey, ensuring their safety and peace of mind, as well as for their loved ones."

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The survey results highlight NueGo's success in making women feel safe and comfortable during inter-city bus travel. With over 90% of women respondents expressing confidence in NueGo's safety measures and 100% stating they would prefer and recommend NueGo for future travel, it is clear that the company's initiatives like the dedicated women's helpline, advanced safety features, exclusive discounts, and all-women staffed buses are resonating positively with female passengers. NueGo's customer-centric approach that prioritizes the specific needs and concerns of women travelers has fostered high loyalty and brand advocacy within this important customer segment. The strong survey findings validate NueGo's position as a leader in providing secure, inclusive and empowering travel experiences for women in India's inter-city bus industry.

With an unwavering focus on safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction, NueGo is poised to redefine the standards of bus travel in India. By consistently delivering exceptional service and prioritizing the needs of its passengers, NueGo sets a shining example for the industry.

About NueGo:

NueGo is India’s leading premium electric bus coach brand from GreenCell Mobility. A guest centric brand, NueGo coaches go through 25 stringent safety checks including mechanical and electrical inspections. These electric coaches can run 250 kilometers in a single charge, with the air conditioners on, in traffic conditions. NueGo coaches are fitted with innovative technology and offer end to end convenience for inter-city travellers with focus on Safety, Punctuality, and seamless guest experience. NueGo has well trained and courteous staff, offers airport-like premium lounges in selective cities. These lounge offers guest assist, luggage management services and curated F&B menu and on board with on-time performance.

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