Thursday, March 14, 2024

Atlassian Enables Teams To Collaborate Seamlessly Using Advanced AI And Visual Tools

* The company’s work management products - Loom, Trello, and Confluence - add new features

Atlassian Corporation (NASDAQ: TEAM), a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, has introduced new AI-powered capabilities to Loom, an asynchronous video communication tool, and Trello, a visual personal productivity tool. It also announced the general availability of Confluence whiteboards, a freeform canvas feature in its popular Confluence product. The features are aimed to make it easier to collaborate visually for a variety of tasks - from weekly meetings/catchups, to tracking the progress of a project, to brainstorming new ideas.

Erika Trautman, Head of product, Work Management, Atlassian said, “As employees seek new ways to connect, the use of visual collaboration tools is on the rise. Video, digital canvases, and other non-text content types are enhancing or replacing written updates. At Atlassian, we’re enabling this richer, more visual experience with our work management products.”

“The new AI features in Loom and Trello will drive meaningful collaboration and increase personal productivity in the age of distributed work. And when it comes to Confluence whiteboards, we’re just getting started and look forward to sharing more about our plans to bring the power of AI to this tool in a few months,” she added.

New AI-powered features in Loom help create and share video updates faster

Loom, recently acquired by Atlassian, is an asynchronous video communication tool that lets people record and share themselves and their work. More than 200,000 teams use Loom to collaborate at work.

Loom AI was introduced last year with time-saving features like auto-generated titles, chapters, and summaries for each video message. The three new Loom AI features that will help share Loom videos 60% faster, include:

Auto Message Composer: Writes a message to create the perfect context for sharing the video.

Auto CTA: Automatically suggests a custom call-to-action button on a finished video.

Edit by Transcript: Swiftly removes any unwanted filler words or pauses after a video is recorded.

Gen AI in Trello to boost personal productivity

Atlassian Intelligence for Trello, now available in beta, can generate new content, summarize or shorten the content that is already there, find action items in the content, and improve spelling and grammar.

Atlassian has also introduced colored and collapsable lists in Trello for better organisation and refreshing visual makeover.

Confluence whiteboards captures free-flowing thoughts and ideas

Now generally available, Confluence whiteboards provides freeform surfaces designed to capture unstructured work like brainstorming and early planning before it is documented on a Confluence page. While it has all the features of a traditional whiteboarding tool, what sets it apart is its close integration with Jira.

More than 36,000 organizations, including Pizza Hut, Panera Bread, and Lumen, participated in the beta program, and their valuable feedback helped steer many of the new features that will soon be available in Confluence whiteboards, including external collaboration using public links.

While there is still a time and place for traditional collaboration methods, like synchronous meetings and sharing a written page, new content types can elevate the experience with personalization and visualization. Optimizing the old ways of working while embracing the new will set teams up for success in the era of distributed work.

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