Tuesday, March 12, 2024

A Unique Women’s Day: Iron Lady Celebrates 50+ Women Reaching Crore+ Yearly Income!

While the world celebrated women's day this week, the Iron Lady Community had some very special celebrations! Iron Lady celebrated 50+ Community members reaching Crore+ yearly income, with the majority of women doubling their income in a short span of 12-18 months. During the event held on 10th March at Hyatt, Bengaluru, many of these women shared how Business Warfare concepts created by Iron Lady platform helped them to fast-track their career journey and forge forward. Iron lady team also pledged to support 1000 more women to reach 1Cr+ income benchmark in the next 3 years.

Iron Lady, the leading leadership platform for women, shared their vision of supporting a million women to reach the top and this was backed by many women who have reached TOP already. Many of the women leaders present in the event shared that this was the most impactful way of celebrating women’s day for them.

This gathering not only honored these accomplished women but also inspired many aspiring women to take big audacious goals to reach greater heights in their journey.

With a thriving community of successful women and strong connections with global leaders, Iron Lady, led by Rajesh Bhat, Founder and CEO, and Suvarna Hegde, Co-founder and Director, equips women with breakthrough programs to fast-track their careers.

"We've been fortunate to witness the extraordinary journeys of thousands of Iron Ladies over the last 5 years. Seeing them reach top leadership positions and surpass the 1 Crore mark fills us with immense joy. This is just the beginning. We're committed to supporting a million women to reach the top in the next 10 years!" – Rajesh Bhat, Founder and CEO – Iron Lady.

The event was powerful, full of energy as more women took the oath to reach the Crore Club. Energy flowing in the room was high, with attendees expressing excitement and commitment to their goals. It was an inspiring demonstration of what determination and support can achieve.

Many attendees expressed their joy. Rajni R stated, "This event wasn't just a celebration. Now it has charged me up to shoot for the 1 Crore Income Club." Another attendee, Tulika Srivastava, says, "It was so empowering to meet women who actually shattered the glass ceiling and made it through. I’ve found new idols!"

The Crore+ Club event offered a unique opportunity for women who are part of the Iron Lady community to meet and network with accomplished leaders and learn from their journeys. The event was filled with engaging activities like Crore Club Interviews, business discussions, rapid fire questions to leaders etc.

Iron lady also launched a new anthem that can be the way of life for aspiring women, symbolizing the potential of women and their commitment to growth.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to support numerous women and witness their fast-track growth. 50+ Women achieving annual incomes exceeding 1 Crore is a significant source of pride for us, though 1Cr is just one such reference of growth. It makes us believe that it’s not long before a million women reach the top!" – Suvarna Hegde, Co-Founder, Director – Iron Lady.

"Globally, women encounter significant challenges on their journey to top positions. I'm immensely proud to see the Iron Ladies overcoming these hurdles and winning in life!" – Simon Newman, Co-Founder, Chairman – Iron Lady, Ex-CEO, Aviva, Singapore.

It was very evidently seen in the event that if women are equipped with right ecosystem that nurtures their potential and gives space for growth, sky is the limit.

Pushpalatha MS, CEO of Prameya and one of the graduates of Iron Lady, mentioned, “After experiencing a transformation in my own life, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing numerous women experience multi-fold growth in record times. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this community!”

Jayalakshmi shares, “Through the 100 Board Members Initiative of Iron Lady, I was able to transform my profile, reaching the coveted CRORE+ salary milestone, 4 times more than earlier income. Thanks to the Iron Lady platform.”

Smita expresses her gratitude, saying, “I didn’t even know that women could earn so much. The platform has made it possible for me!”

Sirisha reflects on her journey, stating, “I chose to stop going through the programs at IIMs and Harvard, and continued learning at Iron Lady. These programs and the platform supported me in reaching the 1 Cr+ income job and sustaining it.”

It’s unfortunate that even in this era, people find it difficult to believe that women can grow in their career, reach the TOP, earn 1Cr plus at the same time can build a joyous family life. This event broke such myths and Iron Lady clearly stood out as a powerful platform which enables women to maximize in every area of their life through multiple leadership programs and a power packed community.

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