Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Design Leaders Launch TRIAD To Promote Indian Ethos In Design

* A not-for-profit organisation to celebrate, preserve, promote and evolve Indian ethos in Design

* Seeks to champion indigenous art, craft, and design, to position India as a global design hub

TRIAD (Trans Regional Indian Association of Design) was launched at Designing Tomorrow, a groundbreaking design event that took place on March 9, 2024, at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) Kancheepuram, Chennai, an institute of national importance that is pioneering design-centric education through the School of Interdisciplinary Design and Innovation. TRIAD, a visionary organization, is dedicated to reshaping the design landscape of the country by recognizing that design is not just a profession but a catalyst for a brighter future and the emergence of an Indian design narrative in line with the aspiration of Viksit Bharat. The event was attended by artists, corporates, designers, researchers, students, and teachers from the design world. Their goal is to create the next generation of individuals who focus on making India the Design Hub for products.

TRIAD is a convergence of creative minds, educators, and industry professionals dedicated to shaping the future of Indian design. This event welcomes participation from all stakeholders passionate about driving India's design agenda forward. Mr. Sathiyaseelan G, Vice President, Styling at Ashok Leyland and Founding team member at TRIAD expressing enthusiasm about the launch, stated, "After conducting a pilot program with over 10,000 students nationwide, we identified a crucial gap. There was a primary need to shift the mindset from mere technology adoption to creating unique solutions that fit exactly what is needed. Therefore, our initiative aims to engage students and equip the next generation with a 'Design First' mentality. India's journey to becoming a design hub cannot be merely aspirational but a mandate for its progress and sustainability."

It is alarming to say that in a trillion-dollar product economy, India gets just 10% for manufacturing; the rest goes to the country that focuses on innovation or design. Keeping Atma Nirbhar and Made In India as the focal point, India's journey towards becoming a design hub is a necessity. Products must be designed, with an evolving mindset, keeping the consumers of the respective market/country in mind. Only when products are tailored to fit the ecosystem will they truly connect with the local audience.

TRIAD's mission is multifaceted. The main aim of TRIAD is to democratize design by bringing design knowledge accessible to all and to imbibe Indianness in design. It aims to bridge the gap between art, design, and society, propelling Indian design methodologies to address local challenges while celebrating the nation's rich cultural heritage. At its core, the brand seeks to champion indigenous art, craft, and design, positioning India as a global design hub by highlighting the need to go from an adoption mindset to an innovation mindset. It also looks forward to elevating public awareness and appreciation of India's artistic heritage.

Furthermore, it is committed to nurturing the next generation of design enthusiasts deeply rooted in Indian ethos. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, TRIAD fosters collaboration through mentorship, scholarships, and networks, establishing educational centers to promote skill development in traditional Indian art, craft, and design. hub is imperative for realizing the united goal for a 5 trillion-dollar economy, with a strong emphasis on promoting indigenous manufacturing.

About TRIAD:

TRIAD (Trans Regional Indian Association of Design) is an organization committed to evolving Indian ethos in design, bridging the gaps between art, design, and society. With a focus on collaborative problem-solving, TRIAD aims to evolve Indian design practices to address local challenges. The organization brings together a unique blend of creative minds, fostering a platform for innovation and impactful solutions.

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