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Joy of Sustainable Mobility. Leap Welcomes 32 BMW iX In Its Exclusive Fleet

Leap, India's first sustainable luxury ground transportation provider has inducted 32 BMW iX electric vehicle into its exclusive fleet. This significant acquisition marks the largest single order of BMW iX for BMW India, underscoring its commitment towards fostering sustainable mobility. 

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India handed over the cars to Mr. Robin Mann, Managing Director, Leap at a special ceremony held at BMW Group India Training Centre.

The BMW iX effortlessly combines premium mobility with zero-emissions, sporting agility and a long operating range with luxurious spaciousness. Reduction of carbon footprint is achieved throughout the value chain and all stages of lifecycle by making comprehensive use of natural and recyclable materials and production with 100% green electricity. The BMW iX remains India's top top selling Luxury Electric Vehicle.

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India said, “The BMW iX, with its unmatched sales performance, solidifies its status as the leading electric luxury vehicle in India. This impressive achievement plays a crucial role in propelling BMW Group India to the forefront of the luxury electric vehicle segment. Today marks a significant milestone as we proudly deliver 32 BMW iX electric vehicles to Leap for induction into their all-electric fleet. This delivery is not just a fulfilment of the largest single order of BMW iX vehicles for BMW India, but it symbolizes our shared commitment to sustainable mobility and luxury. Leap's pioneering vision of an all-electric luxury ground transportation network in India perfectly aligns with BMW Group India’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. We are thrilled to see our BMW iX vehicles become a cornerstone of Leap's fleet, propelling forward the transformation towards a greener, more sustainable future in luxury travel.”

Mr. Robin Mann, Managing Director, Leap said, “As India’s first luxury transport service dedicated to sustainability, Leap is setting a new standard in the industry. Embracing the BMW iX into our fleet is a milestone for Leap and a testament to our vision for a greener future. We are thrilled to offer our clients the ultimate in luxury electric mobility, and we believe that this addition will enhance their travel experience while contributing to environmental conservation. The company’s all-electric fleet represents the pinnacle of safety, luxury, and innovation, offering clients a unique opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on comfort or style.”

About Leap.

Leap is India’s premier sustainable luxury ground transportation provider, offering an exceptional travel experience while fostering environmental responsibility. With a fleet of the latest all-electric luxury vehicles, Leap is dedicated to providing safe, quiet, and advanced transportation options for both retail and institutional clients.

BMW Group Electric Vehicles

BMW Group Electric Vehicles (EV) continued leadership in the luxury segment for second year in a row by registering a three-fold growth in 2023. The BMW iX remains the largest selling luxury electric vehicle in India. BMW Group continues to dominate the luxury electric market with the most versatile portfolio - BMW i7, BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW iX1 and MINI SE. Launch of the first-ever BMW i7 and first-ever BMW iX1 further elevated the enthusiasm. Robust charging infrastructure in premium segment at BMW Group dealer network in 35 cities played a vital role in ensuring user confidence. MINI 3 Door Cooper SE is the highest selling premium electric hatchback in the country.


Born Electric: The BMW iX is the BMW Group’s new technology flagship. It is the first BMW without any numerals in its designation. ‘iX’ stands for the first BMW electric all-wheel drive vehicle (SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle). It effortlessly combines premium mobility with zero-emissions, sporting agility and a long operating range with luxurious spaciousness. The BMW iX is available as completely-built-up unit (CBU) in two variants - the BMW iX xDrive40 and BMW iX xDrive50 and can be booked through BMW dealerships across major metropolitan cities in India as well as

Characterised by sculptural and monolithic design, the iX represents a new face that makes mobility easier and comfortable while creating powerful presence. Interior is minimalist yet spacious with a feeling of ease and relaxation with freedom of movement giving it a lounge-like atmosphere. A host of BMW ConnectedDrive technologies continue to break the innovation barrier. The Fifth generation BMW eDrive technology features a highly integrated drive unit within a single housing that is powered by two electric motors (for front and rear axles), single-speed transmission and power electronics. The iX instantly accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in 6.1 seconds with an output of 326 hp. ‘My Modes’ switch changes driving character to Personal, Sport or Efficient. BMW IconicSounds Electric creates engaging driving sounds and pedestrian alerts. Two high-voltage batteries integrated in the floor have a combined capacity of 76.6 kWh and provide a range of up to 425 kilometers.

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