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Celebrate Ugadi With The Timeless Elegance of Platinum Jewellery

Ugadi, observed on the first day of Chaitra, the initial month in the traditional Hindu calendar, signifies the arrival of the spring season. The southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka celebrate the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, to mark the commencement of the Hindu New Year. It is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts. In the early hours of this special day, families partake in a traditional oil bath, and the surroundings come alive with the vibrant decor of flowers and mango leaves adorning the entrances of temples, homes, and shops.

Ugadi, a festival synonymous with fresh starts, calls for gifts that mirror the preciousness and timelessness of the occasion itself. What better way to convey this sentiment than with the gift of pure and precious platinum? This exceptional metal, believed to have celestial origins, is renowned for its resilience, maintaining its elegant white sheen and shape even through frequent wear.

With an unparalleled purity level of 95%, platinum jewellery emerges as the ideal choice for those seeking to purchase or gift jewellery during the festivities of Ugadi. The durability and versatility of platinum make it a symbol of enduring love and commitment. Whether it's an exquisite pendant, an elegant ring, or a sophisticated bracelet, the gift of platinum is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

This Ugadi, celebrate the beauty of new beginnings with the timeless elegance of platinum jewellery. Make a statement that echoes the enduring nature of your love and commitment. Embrace the traditions of the season with a gift as rare and precious as the metal itself – platinum.

Commenting on this auspicious occasion, Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director, Platinum Guild International-India said, “As we embrace the joyous occasion of Ugadi, there is a renewed sense of excitement and exuberance among consumers. A harbinger of prosperity and good fortune, Ugadi, is expected to further enhance the demand for platinum jewellery, leading to higher footfalls across all retail partners. With the upcoming festivities, we anticipate a positive trajectory in sales, paving the way for a flourishing quarter for our valued retail partners."

Mr G.R. ‘Anand’ Ananthapadmanabhan, Managing Director of GRT Jewellers, said, “Ugadi is a time filled with hope, positivity, and joy, symbolizing a fresh start and bringing families and loved ones together in celebration. Precious jewellery always holds a special significance during our festivities, and this Ugadi, we anticipate a preference for platinum jewellery among consumers. Rare and precious, platinum jewellery appeals to those seeking unique, statement pieces with distinctive designs that complement a variety of outfits, from traditional wear to western attire and daily casual wear. From minimalist kadas for men to bold pendants and rings, as well as elegant necklaces, delicate bracelets, and earrings for women, we are thrilled to present a diverse range of platinum jewellery collections and eagerly await the arrival of our patrons this Ugadi!”

Mr G. R. Radhakrishnan, Managing Director, GRT Jewellers, said, “Ugadi is time to embrace the new and is celebrated with much fanfare across the southern states. Consumers have already started buying precious jewellery for themselves and their loved ones as a symbol of prosperity to mark this auspicious occasion. Platinum jewellery for men, especially minimalistic platinum chains and charming platinum kadas, have emerged as favourites and we expect to see the trend only pick up further momentum with the upcoming festivities. We wish all our consumers a very happy and prosperous Ugadi, made brighter and shinier with our precious jewellery.”

Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewellers said, “Ugadi is a symbol of new beginnings and prosperity. Consumers have already begun indulging in purchasing jewellery for themselves as well as their loved ones. Over the years given the resilience of the metal and the brilliance of the designs and the value that it encapsulates, platinum jewellery has emerged as the preferred choice, for the younger audience. We are extremely optimistic that Ugadi will generate a positive momentum that will only grow further throughout the festive season, with platinum jewellery standing out as the quintessential symbol for meaningful celebrations."

Joy Alukkas, Chairman Joyalukkas Group said, “Ugadi signals the beginning of a new year and fresh starts. The joy and excitement is palpable in the air, with consumers seeking to purchase jewellery to mark this festival of prosperity and good fortune. We are already witnessing higher footfalls with a rise in demand for platinum jewellery. The rare and precious platinum with its many unique qualities such as superior resilience and the alluring white sheen that does not fade with time, has made quite an impact on our discerning consumers. We expect platinum jewellery interspersed with precious stones to take centre stage this Ugadi and continue to drive our footfalls and sales as the year progresses.”

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