Thursday, March 28, 2024

1,000+ Co-Living And Hostel Facilities In Karnataka And Tamil Nadu Onboards 'CRIB PLUS' Property Management App

CRIB Property Solutions, a pioneering startup based in Bengaluru, has successfully onboarded over 1,000 co-living spaces and hostels in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu onto their app. Nationally, CRIB's mobile app is utilized by over 1,000 landlords with 2,500+ properties, managing over 150,000 beds and generating a rental income of over Rs 2500 crores.

CRIB is spearheading a transformative shift in the operational dynamics of co-living spaces, hostels, and similar accommodations across the country, with a significant presence in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With its robust and efficient solution, CRIB is not only benefiting property owners and operators but also proving to be invaluable for tenants.

CRIB's software applications are meticulously designed to optimize property management, offering a cost-effective, seamless, and expedited experience for all stakeholders. The CRIB app aids property owners in efficiently managing tenants, rent collection, vacancy monitoring, tenant communication, and other essential functions. Notably, the cost of managing per bed is less than Rs 100 per month and can further reduce to around Rs 50 per bed for larger setups, making it an economically attractive solution for property owners.

Sunny Garg, Co-founder of CRIB Property Solutions, emphasized, “CRIB is revolutionizing the operational landscape of co-living and hostels in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines property management but also enhances the living experience for tenants. The overwhelming response from businesses and property owners underscores the significant impact CRIB is making in this industry."

Property owners and operators are reaping substantial benefits from the CRIB app, as it not only modernizes property management but also proves to be cost-efficient and user-friendly.

Shashank Reddy, founder of Sugathi Hometel, which operates multiple co-living spaces and hostels with approximately 500 beds under management, expressed gratitude to CRIB for simplifying their work processes.

Reddy stated, “After using CRIB, our work has become remarkably simple and convenient. Everything we need is available in one app, such as monthly rent reminders, collection records, reports, and much more. This enables me to manage my properties with ease, and the app is very intuitive, making it easy for anyone to adapt to it with just a few days of training."

As the demand for improved living facilities and co-living setups continues to surge, CRIB is playing a pivotal role in assisting service providers in upgrading and aligning with the evolving expectations of tenants

About Crib:

Crib is a cutting-edge SaaS-based property management solution provider founded in 2022. The platform connects landlords and tenants, offering a digital ecosystem that simplifies and enhances the rental housing experience. With a focus on technology, automation, and transparency, Crib has become a leading player in the real estate sector, managing over 1.5 lakh beds in multiple cities and facilitating yearly rents exceeding Rs 2,500 crores.


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