Thursday, January 25, 2024

Zuno General Insurance Harnesses Tech For Safer Roads With Zuno Driving Quotient' Initiative During Indian Road Safety Month

Zuno General Insurance, a new-age digital insurer, announced its road safety initiative as it proudly supports the Road Safety Month organized by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India. The initiative, spanning from 12th to 25th January 2024, aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of road safety and encourages responsible driving practices for safer roads. 

Given its digital first approach, Zuno General Insurance is using Tech  along with an interesting marketing campaign to drive home the message. The campaign will lean on Bollywood driven pop culture  in the country to drive activation programmes in five major cities across India, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. At identified long-duration signals in each city, these iconic characters will engage with citizens urging them to follow traffic rules and help raise awareness in their signature style. 

The initiative will also introduce the Zuno Driving Quotient challenge (ZDQ), encouraging individuals to download the Zuno App and assess their driving skills and get an objective score through the app. 

The Company conducted surveys and found that there was a general overconfidence bias amongst people while assessing their own driving ability, with over 65% drivers believing their driving was very good. On the contrary, some case studies on the subject state that only around 30-35% drivers are good or excellent drivers. This reaffirmed Zuno’s conviction that there was a dire need for a mechanism that would effectively measure driving behviour and  encourage and guide people to improve it over time. 

The Zuno app employs motion detection and monitors factors such as sudden braking, distracted driving, and over-speeding to calculate a comprehensive Driving Score. This score not only offers valuable insights into one’s driving habits but also encourages safer driving practices. Simply put, the better you drive, the better your score will be and the more you can save on your insurance premium. The users can take the 15-day driving challenge by downloading the Zuno app and take a journey of self-discovery and road safety. 

Specially curated brand spots on high-frequency radio platforms will urge people to follow traffic rules and drive safely or face encounters with the scariest/deadliest characters of Bollywood in their city. 

Shanai Ghosh, MD and CEO of Zuno General Insurance, remarked, "Road safety is a shared responsibility, and Zuno is committed to driving positive change on our roads. Our initiative seeks to create a lasting impression on the driver community in understanding their role and impact in fostering safer roads in the country. We aim to promote safer driving habits while engaging the audience through a blend of curiosity and nostalgia. Our ‘Zuno Driving Quotient’ is an important step in raising awareness on around good driving behaviour, correlation with road accidents and eventual positive impact on the society, as a whole. We are going a step beyond awareness, by using rewards to influence behavioural change. Everyone who engages with it, will be incentivized to drive better, thus making roads safer for people in India, leading to lower accidents and lower fatalities. For us, it is not just a campaign but a movement to make India drive better with Zuno Driving Quotient”. 

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