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Kansai Nerolac Transforms The City Of Ayodhya With Shades Of Spirituality And Grandeur

The theme of ‘transformation’ creates a positive atmosphere complimenting the spiritual aura of Ayodhya

Part of the ‘Paint My City’ project in Ayodhya

Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited (KNPL), one of India's leading paint companies, announces the successful completion of a monumental project – the painting of the 16-kilometre Ayodhya Dham stretch, as part of the Paint My City project. This significant endeavour includes painting of the revered Ram Path, Bhakti Path and Janmbhumi Path, symbolically leading to the sacred site of the Ram Mandir. Kansai Nerolac took on the responsibility, with due approval from Ayodhya Development Authority, to enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings and creating a fitting atmosphere for the historic occasion of the Ram Mandir inauguration.

The 16-kilometer stretch has undergone a meticulous painting process, depicting the essence of spirituality, culture, and reverence that surrounds Ayodhya Dham. It has crafted a visual narrative on the roads, with each stroke and colour capturing the rich tapestry of Ayodhya's cultural heritage. With more than 300 individuals involved including contractors, architects and painters, this was one of the momentous projects carried out by Kansai Nerolac.

The colour palette used, which consists of exclusive Nerolac shades of Fantan (Code: 2079P), Caramel (Code: 2753T) and Linen Cream (Code: 2742P), compliments the spiritual aura of Ayodhya, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entire stretch. The project aims to create an immersive experience for pilgrims and visitors alike, setting the tone for the spiritual journey towards the Ram Mandir.

With the theme of ‘Transformation’, the intent was to use paint products that create a positive atmosphere with colour and art. Utilising cutting-edge paint technology, Kansai Nerolac will ensure durability and longevity of the paintwork, offering protection against weathering and environmental factors.

With a legacy of 100 years, Kansai Nerolac has been a part of cultural growth and development of India. With the completion of the Ayodhya Dham Project, they have added another feather to the cap. In the coming months, the company will work closely with the government body for the next phases of development and beautification of Ayodhya.

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