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Solidaridad Asia Handholds Small Tea Growers (STGs) Of India To Get An Even Playing Ground In The Global Market

Solidaridad Asia continues to spearhead sustainable economic development, placing a strong focus on empowering Small Tea Growers (STGs) across India to compete equitably in the global market. Through its TRINITEA program, Solidaridad addresses the longstanding challenges faced by STGs, encompassing compliance, price competitiveness, and the enhancement of export tea quality.  

The STGs, instrumental in contributing over 50% of India's total tea production, have historically encountered significant hurdles due to limited access to essential resources and support. This unfortunate circumstance has led to suboptimal agricultural practices, compromised tea quality, and susceptibility to exploitation within the supply chain. In response to these challenges, Solidaridad, in collaboration with the Indian Tea Association (ITA), introduced TRINITEA, a program that focuses on various strategic aspects aimed at uplifting STGs. Solidaridad Asia's TRINITEA program stands as a comprehensive support system for Small Tea Growers (STGs) in India, addressing critical facets crucial for their success in the global market. The program's multifaceted approach encompasses several key components, notably focusing on enhancing the capabilities and practices of STGs. 

Firstly, the initiative provides consistent and ongoing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Training to STGs. This training spans the agronomical, social, and environmental aspects, offering a holistic approach to tea cultivation. The overarching goal is to not only elevate crop yield but also to enhance the overall quality of tea produced by these growers. Secondly, TRINITEA extends essential Compliance Support to STGs, aiding them in adhering to vital industry standards such as the Plant Protection Code and FSSAI norms. This aspect ensures that tea production maintains high levels of safety and compliance, fostering a secure and trustworthy supply chain. Additionally, the program acknowledges the pressing challenges posed by climate change. It takes proactive measures by guiding STGs in implementing Climate-Smart Solutions aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of changing environmental conditions on tea production. This forward-thinking approach fortifies the resilience of STGs against the impacts of a changing climate, promoting sustainable practices within the industry. 

"TRINITEA is a testament to our commitment to empowering small tea growers, ensuring they receive the support and resources needed to compete globally while upholding sustainable practices. Through innovative solutions like Soli-Trace, we're not just transforming supply chains, we're fostering a direct connection between consumers and growers, bridging the gap for a more equitable tea industry." - Dr. Shatadru Chattopadhyay, Managing Director of Solidaridad Network Asia 

Moreover, the introduction of Soli-Trace, a technology-driven traceability solution by Solidaridad Asia, adds a layer of sophistication to the TRINITEA program. Through the innovative Tracebilitea app, the journey of the green leaf is meticulously documented, ensuring robust traceability and transparency in the supply chain. This not only establishes trust among buyers but also empowers consumers. By scanning QR codes on tea packages, consumers gain direct access to detailed product journey information and can offer feedback directly to the farmers. This fosters a profound connection between consumers and growers, nurturing brand loyalty and a deeper sense of engagement within the tea industry. 

Soli-Trace, at its core, is a transformative force in the agricultural industry, digitally empowering agri-businesses into purpose-driven brands. It not only delivers better value for farmers but also offers consumers unparalleled supply chain transparency. Moreover, Soli-Trace ensures fairness across the value chain, from farmers to agri-businesses to consumers, granting everyone an equal footing to achieve optimal returns on their investment and sustainability commitments. It records the sustainability practices of farmers, intermediaries, and agri-businesses involved in delivering finished products to consumers, integrating farmers into the digital economy with principles of fair participation, ownership, voice, and value in the shared ecosystem. 

TRINITEA and Soli-Trace are evidence of Solidaridad Asia's firm commitment to encouraging small and marginal farmers, fostering compliance, price competitiveness, and quality, thereby shaping a more equitable and sustainable Indian tea industry. Together, these initiatives strive to ensure that the unsung heroes of the Indian tea industry receive the recognition and opportunities they genuinely deserve. 

About Solidaridad: 

Solidaridad has been a frontrunner in sustainable economic development and champions the cause of the small and marginal farmers, workers, and miners. The organization fosters sustainable and inclusive supply chains, focusing on bringing prosperity; harnessing inclusivity, and producing in balance with nature.  

With over 50 years of experience in developing solutions to make communities more resilient, Solidaridad employs around 1,000 expert staff as boots and brains on the ground, operating in over 40 countries across five continents through eight independently supervised regional offices.  

Recognizing markets as pivotal to realizing positive changes in the society and environment, Solidaridad looks at public-private partnerships as an increasingly important mechanism for testing innovations, speeding up change, and taking success to scale. With improved scale and speed, the organization aims to create a pervasive impact in society toward a more inclusive, climate-resilient, and sustainable economy.  

A pioneer in developing and implementing national sustainability, Solidaridad engages in joint programs with businesses, investors, governments, producers and producer organizations, service providers, labor unions, and other CSOs to bring about effective transformation in the agriculture and mining sectors towards sustainable farming and responsible mining practices. 

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