Thursday, January 25, 2024

Agratas Partners With Tata Technologies To Fast-Track Development Of Best-In-Class Battery Solutions For Mobility And Energy Sector

·         The collaboration with Tata Technologies will enable Agratas to accelerate product development, including the design and integration of battery cells into modules and packs for global customers in the mobility and energy sectors.

·         Tata Technologies will develop digital business architectures to support the production of best-in-class battery solutions at Agratas’ gigafactories in India and the UK.

·         Through this collaboration, Tata Technologies will expand its upstream capabilities, strengthening its end-to-end Electric Vehicle design and development capabilities.

Agratas, Tata Group’s global battery business, and Tata Technologies, a global product engineering and digital services company, have announced their collaboration to scale Agratas’ product development and enterprise systems, supporting the design, development and manufacturing of best-in-class battery solutions.

Leveraging Tata Technologies’ over 25 years of expertise in product development, digital engineering, digital manufacturing and product supply chain, Agratas will accelerate its product development timelines, including integrating battery cells into modules and packs across multiple applications to match customer requirements.

The two companies are maximising Tata Group’s comprehensive #OneTata approach, with Tata Technologies also developing the digital business architectures to support the production of best-in-class battery solutions at Agratas’ gigafactories in India and the UK. This new alliance embodies the cross-Tata Group mission to develop a holistic eMobility ecosystem that will advance the production and adoption of Electric Vehicles in India and worldwide. With battery cell production due to commence in 2026, the collaboration is helping to propel Agratas’ anchor customers, Tata Motors and JLR, towards a fully electrified future.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tom Flack, CEO, Agratas, said: “We are fully committed towards delivering best-in-class battery solutions to our customers and helping to supercharge the global transition to electric mobility and clean energy storage. Teaming up with Tata Technologies strengthens our pursuit of this mission, helping us to leverage its expertise in Electric Vehicle engineering, including competitive design, packaging and integration of battery packs that are critical for the performance of our customers’ products, from next generation Electric Vehicles to energy-dense storage solutions. Our collaboration with Tata Technologies also maximises inter-Group synergies and business excellence, showcasing the strategic benefits of being part of the Tata Group.”

Reinforcing the collaboration with Agratas, Warren Harris, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Technologies, said: “Tata Technologies’ vision of engineering a better world embodies a commitment to innovating sustainable solutions across the eMobility value chain that helps manufacturing companies accelerate their transition towards net zero. The trust awarded by Agratas reaffirms our long-standing expertise in Electric Vehicle engineering and digital transformation solutions for sustainable products. We believe this collaboration will help us strengthen our capabilities around the design and integration of battery pack solutions into battery electric vehicles and also help Agratas accelerate the industrialisation of its gigafactories in the UK and India, enabling it to deliver competitive battery solutions to its customers.”

As Agratas scales up its operations, Tata Technologies is also helping Agratas to mobilise resources by facilitating recruitment of highly skilled individuals, enabling onboarding and supporting employee lifecycle activities during this critical growth phase. These resources span roles across the battery solution value chain, including corporate, operational and research functions, reaffirming the depth and breadth of the collaborative engagement.

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