Tuesday, January 23, 2024

LinkedIn Shares List Of Top Emerging Jobs In Bengaluru For Professionals

* 89% of professionals in Bengaluru are planning to switch jobs in 2024

Professionals in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India, are willing to make bold career moves despite economic uncertainty. New research from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has revealed that nearly 9 in 10 (89%) of professionals in Bengaluru are considering a new job in 2024. 

As AI accelerates the pace of skill-change, LinkedIn data shows that skills for jobs in India have changed by 30% since 2015. By 2030, they are expected to change by 65%, globally. Amidst these shifts, job hunting can be challenging, but professionals in Bengaluru are determined. To stand apart from the crowd, 68% of professionals in the city are trying new ways to succeed in their job search. 75% are investing in personal branding by posting more content on LinkedIn, while 83% are becoming more active in growing their professional network. They are also keen on using AI with 77% of professionals saying it can help make their job search more efficient and productive.

To help professionals invest their energies in the right direction, LinkedIn has revealed the list of Jobs on the Rise in Bengaluru:

Investment Associate

Sales Development Representative

Insights Analyst

Growth Manager

Public Relations Executive

Delivery Consultant

Tax Specialist

Business Development Representative

Affiliate Manager

User Experience Researcher

With 95% of recruiters in India planning to welcome new talent this year, LinkedIn wants to help them find the right candidates and equip their workforce with skills of the future. To that end, LinkedIn has piloted new generative AI tools: 

Recruiter 2024: LinkedIn’s new AI-assisted recruiting experience makes hiring more efficient and easy so talent leaders can focus on strategic, people-centric work. Hirers can use natural language search prompts like - "I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader" - and LinkedIn’s AI models, paired with unique insights from over 1 billion professionals, 67.1 million companies and 41,000 skills on LinkedIn can infer the type of candidate the hirer is looking for and provide higher-quality candidate recommendations from a much wider pool of candidates. 

LinkedIn Learning's AI-powered coaching: LinkedIn is testing out real-time advice in two of most in-demand skills that apply across all types of jobs: leadership and management. Learners can pose a question like: How can I delegate tasks and responsibility effectively? Instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all answer, it will ask you clarifying questions to more deeply understand your specific situation and experience and then offer advice, examples, and feedback based on hundreds of hours of content from LinkedIn Learning’s expert instructors. 


Consumer research: This research was conducted by Censuswide, with 1097 professionals in full-time or part-time employment across India between 24 November 2023 to 12 December 2023. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles. Censuswide are members of the British Polling Council.

Jobs on the Rise: LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers examined millions of jobs started by LinkedIn members from January 1, 2019 to July 31, 2023 to calculate a growth rate for each job title. To be ranked, a job title needed to see consistent growth across our membership base, as well as have grown to a meaningful size by 2023. Identical job titles across different seniority levels were grouped and ranked together. Internships, volunteer positions, interim roles and student roles were excluded, and jobs where hiring was dominated by a small handful of companies in each country were also excluded. Additional data points for each of the job titles are based on LinkedIn profiles of members holding the title and/or open jobs for that title in the country.

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