Wednesday, April 19, 2023

OMRON Healthcare India Enters The Home Heart Monitoring & Management Segment

* Collaborates with Tricog To Enable Remote Patient Management   

OMRON Healthcare India, the regional headquarter of the leading player in home healthcare monitoring segment - OMRON Healthcare Co. Ltd. in India, has announced its foray into remote home heart monitoring & management segment via collaboration with Tricog – the leading Heart Health AI company focused on early diagnosis and management of heart disease in the Indian market. 

The endeavour aims to further improve the country’s cardiovascular disease management ecosystem with the launch of TriCare, a remote patient management platform combining the synergies of OMRON’s connected monitoring devices and Tricog’s AI-based health data analytical capabilities.

Katsuyuki Yamamoto, Manager New Business & Marketing, OMRON Healthcare India with Dr Charit Bhograj, Founder and CEO, Tricog Health

Value proposition 

The collaboration aims to deliver technology that enables monitoring of heart conditions at home, and AI that enables timely interventions to focus on urgent & unmet needs that lead to excess mortality and morbidity. This includes scenarios of delayed detection of symptoms and diseases (for secondary healthcare level segment patients) that might cause cardiovascular events like heart failure amongst hypertensive patients. 

Cardiovascular Unmet Needs 

India has the second-highest deaths from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) globally [1,2]. An estimated one in four adults in India has high blood pressure (Hypertension) [3], with only 22.5% of them with blood pressure under control [4], increasing their risk of Heart attacks or Myocardial Infarction (MI), Strokes or Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA), Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Heart Failure (HF).  

45% of people in India's 40-69 age group are at risk for Cardiovascular Disease, contributing to 27% of all deaths. 

The burden of Heart Failure in India is rapidly increasing, with an estimated prevalence of 1.3 to 4.6 million patients [5]. 1.8 million patients are hospitalised every year, with a 1-year mortality of nearly 40%. With less than 1% of these patients receiving optimal medical management, the need to manage these patients remotely has immense potential [6]. 

Regular measurement of symptoms, vital parameters and an ECG at home can prevent cardiovascular events however it is challenging owing to varied factors like shortage of ECG measurement devices at hospitals & clinics, irregular availability of cardiologists to interpret the clinical data and the need for more accurate & easy-to-use home monitoring devices. Recording ECGs at home is almost non-existent in the country; hypertensive patients are caught unaware when the situation worsens or worsens or an event happens.

Creating New Paradigms In Healthcare Delivery: 

TriCare Team educates the patients and caregivers on heart failure management and the use of the mobile application (OMRON Connect) connected to OMRON BP Monitors, weight and ECG devices. 

At home, the TriCare Team assists the patients virtually in recording their symptoms and vital signs measurement in addition to an ECG daily. 

Using Tricog's proprietary AI technology, the team monitors and analyses the data enabling remote diagnosis of life-threatening conditions and initiating actions to prevent complications before they occur while coordinating care with the hospital.

“Further to collaborating with varied AI based healthcare applications in the blood pressure & personal healthcare monitoring domain, this is another significant step taken by OMRON to expand its presence in the home heart monitoring & management segment. With right partners like Tricog on board, we are optimistic of making a huge difference to the Indian cardiovascular healthcare space as we believe that measuring ECG at home and keeping the cardiologists informed real-time can surely reduce the incidence of cerebrovascular disease events compared to traditional hospital-based ECG measurement. It will also generate immense medical-economic based social value for the nation in the long run via reduction in per capita lifetime healthcare costs by reducing the incidence of events,” says Katsuyuki Yamamoto, Manager New Business & Marketing, OMRON Healthcare India.

“50% of the 19 million deaths due to cardiovascular disease are preventable with early diagnosis and optimal management. With the launch of TriCare, our remote patient management platform, in collaboration with OMRON, for the very first time, we can put a virtual cardiologist in the home of every heart patient. OMRON brings decades of excellence in building world-class medical-grade devices that millions around the world trust. With our world-class AI that powers patient monitoring, the TriCare platform has the potential to impact millions of lives not just in India but around the world,” says Dr Charit Bhograj, Founder and CEO, Tricog Health. 

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