Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Rentokil Initial Hygiene India Accelerates Progress Towards The “Goal Of Sustainable Feminine hygiene”

~ Shaking off the menstrual taboos with ease 

Rentokil Initial Hygiene India (RIHI), formerly (Cannon Hygiene India), has been continuously working towards conducting “feminine hygiene awareness programs” all over India.  

The initiative “Empower Her” kicked-off in the beginning of the year and aims to be a year-long programme to dismantle the period stigma by educating young girls and women about menstruation, period products, health risks, basic hygiene practices, menstrual health, and proper disposal of used napkins.   Period management has become a topic of growing interest and the campaign encourages young girls and women to manage their menstruation safely and hygienically.  

As stated by Mr. Nishat Goyal, COO, Rentokil Initial Hygiene, “Women’s Day should not only be a single-day celebration. With women’s health and well-being in mind, our health experts are offering training in several locations to raise awareness about the need of maintaining feminine hygiene.  It is essential to ensure that women employees have access to basic workplace hygiene, and we must all work together to achieve gender equality. This is our small step in that direction, and we will continue to build on this for a healthier future.”  

Initial Hygiene India feminine hygiene solutions include the provision of ‘Sani Pro Green’ - a sustainable process to dispose of used sanitary napkins collected in the feminine hygiene units installed at workplaces. The recycling process is performed under LTTD (Low-temperature thermal decomposition) and would not have any hazardous effects on the environment or release any dangerous by-products. The entire process is completely environmentally friendly and is a big step towards the sustainability agenda that Rentokil Initial Hygiene is committed to across the globe. 

With sustainability and awareness at the heart of this mission, RIHI aims to continue creating awareness about feminine hygiene by reaching out to various segments and sectors to have maximum coverage in society for the betterment of women.  

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