Wednesday, April 19, 2023 Crosses INR 1000 Crore Milestone On Its Fintech Platform

* With unique Fintech service offerings for smallholders, the firm records over 4X growth in loan disbursals, India's largest and only profitable agritech platform at scale, today announced its milestone of crossing INR 1000 crore worth of loan disbursals in a single year through its fintech platform – Aryadhan. With the objective of providing 'financial inclusion through ease of finance' to smallholders, Arya. ag's built-in digital capabilities support their immediate liquidity requirements, enabling a good harvest season.

Over the last 3 years, has been able to grow its loan disbursals from Rs. 281.63 Cr in FY 2021 to Rs. 1015.76 Cr FY 2023.

The core of Arya. ag's strategy lies in digitizing stored produce into an electronic balance that can be stored, offered as security for a loan, or sold at the click of a button. Borrowers can then avail of a loan on their produce without the need to sell it to generate cash flows with Arya. ag's first-of-its-kind single-click agri loan, Insta-Loan. Seamless facilitation of credit also helps de-link farmers from non-institutional sources where they are compelled to borrow at steep interest rates. also provides loans to Farmer Producer Organisations, Arya Mitr, with a Line of Credit to make quick and hassle-free payments to their farmers and input suppliers for any transactions. Arya. ag's technology stack built on IoT, analytics, AI, and ML, enables minimal transaction costs and an expedited turnaround time (TAT) for loan disbursements, making it a valuable offering for smallholders and FPOs (Farmer Producer Organizations) who can fend off all distress and maximise the value of each grain.

Mr. Anand Chandra, Co-Founder, says, "Our objective to attain cohesiveness between agricultural value chains, cutting-edge finance and technology to create a highly scalable offering continues to be our driving force. Our growth and profitability have further motivated us to reimagine the ecosystem. This milestone is a recognition of our efforts to further the financial inclusion of farmers into the formal economy."

With its unique phygital model, has been more relevant in near farm locations where banks are largely averse to lending, citing risk considerations. Its unique value proposition continues to find increased relevance amongst Agri stakeholders. More than 98% of all loans on are disbursed digitally, and the portfolio remains impeccable with near-zero NPAs. has also launched a first-of-its-kind public agri blockchain ledger and is now in the process of moving its loan operations onto the blockchain.

About, India’s largest and only profitable agritech platform at scale, eliminates the trust deficit in the grain commerce value chain. Its disruptive integrated PAN India platform delivers value to all stakeholders by enabling access to high-quality produce, products, and services. Powered by an exponentially growing layer of visibility and control currently stretching across 425 districts in 21 states, 11,000 warehouses and USD 2.5 billion of grain, offers the assurance of quality supply to buyers and on-time fair payment for their produce and allied services to seller. It facilitates commerce at an ARR of USD 750 Mn and seamlessly embeds finance over USD 1.1 Bn of finance annually to maximize value for both sellers and buyers. More at

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