Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Forensic Sciences, CCTNS, ICJS & Legal Reforms: Milestones In India's Justice System

Addressing the 49th All India Police Science Congress, Amit Shah, the Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation, said, "Forensic Science, the role of CCTNS and ICJS, and changes in the IPC, CrPC, and Evidence Act are proving to be a milestone in India's criminal justice system in the modern era."

The 49th All India Police Science Congress is important not only because it addresses topics like policing in the 5G era, narcotics as a game-changer, challenges of social media, community policing, internal security coordination, and security along borders, but also because it is the first police science congress of the modern era.

The IPC, CrPC, and Evidence Act were all established by the British. From 1860 to 2023, there have been no changes. However, as times change, society changes, and the methods and scales of crime also change. So, it becomes crucial to make amendments in law with changing times.

The new name for the Indian Penal Code will be the Indian Justice Code, the new name for the Criminal Procedure Code will be the Indian Civil Security Code, and the Indian Evidence Act will be replaced by Bharatiya Sakshya Bill. With these changes, there will be revolutionary transformations in the country's criminal justice system.

While the laws established by the British aimed at giving 'punishment or penalty', the new laws being formulated by Modi-Shah will aim at delivering 'justice'. It can be seen that the amendments in the laws established by the British are a way to break free from the mentality of subjugation.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the expert guidance of Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Amit Shah, after these three laws are passed the citizens of the country will heave a sigh of relief vis-à-vis the problem of delayed justice. The first condition for the development of any country is that the law and order situation is sound. Over the past nine years, several important steps have been taken to improve law and order.

In the modern era, during Amritkaal, law and order significantly improved in the three terror hotspots of Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast, and Left-Wing Extremist regions. Unprecedented work is also being done to strengthen internal security and border security. Shah emphasized that in the field of internal security, India is on the path to become self-reliant.

Based on the achievements of the past nine years, it is undeniable that Shah's claim in the political arena is credible that when India celebrates its 100th year of independence, it will undoubtedly stand tall in every field.

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