Monday, October 9, 2023

Glenmark's “Take Charge @18” Campaign Sparks Heartfelt Change Across India during the World Heart Month

-          Over 1200 Healthcare Professionals, 420+ Hospitals and Clinics across 277 cities joined forces in Glenmark’s “TakeCharge@18” initiative.

-          The initiative witnessed 410 awareness rallies organized throughout September, which was observed as “World Heart Month” by the organization.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Glenmark Pharma”), a research-led, integrated, global pharmaceutical company once again reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to cardiovascular health. The company collaborated with over 1200 healthcare professionals (HCPs) from 420+ hospitals and clinics spanning 277 cities and towns across India as a part of their ongoing "Take Charge @18" campaign. The initiative witnessed 410 awareness rallies organized throughout September which was observed as “World Heart Month” by the organization.

According to the World Heart Report 2023, CVDs are the leading cause of mortality and amount to about a third of all global deaths. As per World Health Organization (2016), in India, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including Cardio Vascular Diseases, are estimated to account for 60% of total adult deaths of which CVDs account for over a quarter (26%) of these deaths i.e. 17.7 million. Among the myriad risk factors for CVDs, high blood pressure stands out as one of the most significant contributors.

Glenmark's "Take Charge @18" campaign was conceived with a singular objective, to raise awareness about the critical importance of proactive heart health management starting as early as 18 years of age.

Key Highlights of the World Heart Month Awareness Rallies:

1.      Nationwide Reach: Glenmark Pharma's collaboration with healthcare professionals extended to every nook and cranny of India, encompassing cities, towns, and rural areas. This expansive reach ensured that the vital message of heart health touched the lives of diverse populations

2.      Partnering with Healthcare Professionals: The 410 awareness rallies provided a platform for individuals to come together and gain valuable insights into heart health. These rallies featured doctor sessions that elucidated the need for early-age screening, lifestyle modifications for preventing CVDs, and practical demonstrations on the correct method of measuring blood pressure

3.      Early Intervention: The campaign underscored the significance of beginning preventive measures from the age of 18. It emphasized lifestyle modifications, including adopting a heart-healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, and effectively managing stress

In an era where proactive measures are the need of the hour, Glenmark's "Take Charge @18" campaign sought to educate individuals about the critical role of early intervention in averting future cardiovascular complications. The campaign spotlighted blood pressure monitoring and lifestyle adjustments as powerful tools to significantly reduce the risk of CVDs.

In August 2023, Glenmark Pharma further expanded its commitment by partnering with OMRON Healthcare India, the Indian arm of the Japanese global leader in measuring blood pressure at home from the age of 18. The initiative included in-clinic education for around 92,000 healthcare professionals (HCPs), youth awareness programs for college students, and outreach to 200 million people through multiple channels including its digital platform:

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