Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Simpl To Host Community Led Startup Founders Meet D2C Unlocked ‘Namma Bengaluru’ On October 12

* Over 100 D2C brands from Bengaluru are expected to participate in insightful discussions with esteemed panellists on D2C growth strategies, among other things

Simpl - India's foremost Checkout Network, today announced its D2C Unlocked, a community-based start-up founders meet scheduled for October 12th in Bengaluru. Titled Namma Bengaluru, this exclusive networking event is set to gather over 100 dynamic D2C brands based in Bengaluru and will bring together esteemed industry leaders and experts to engage in discussions around building and scaling brands through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

In its Chapter 16, D2C Unlocked in Bengaluru will offer attendees a unique opportunity to actively engage and interact with industry peers and experts. They will also get to  participate in dynamic discussions and gain insights from those who have successfully built and expanded D2C brands. Distinguished founders from Bengaluru, including Rasika P, Co-founder and CMO of Tata Soulfull, Supriya Donthi, Founder, Leafy Affair, Manak Kapoor,Director li-Ning Studio,and Chetan Siyal, Co-founder and CMO of SNITCH, are among dozens of people participating in the event. Founders of other Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) brands will also have the chance to network with fellow professionals and experts, helping them establish valuable connections within the industry.

Commenting on the community initiative, Nitya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Simpl, said, “Bengaluru, being the Silicon Valley of the country, boasts a vibrant community of D2C brands, and we are committed to supporting and empowering this community through our various initiatives. Through our Namma Bengaluru D2C Unlocked event in Bengaluru, we aim to encourage the development of a nurturing atmosphere where D2C entrepreneurs can convene, exchange their experiences and innovative concepts, and discover fresh possibilities. As a Bengaluru-based organisation, we are delighted to host this event in our home city for the third time, which has convened hundreds of  D2C brands across the country , providing them with the opportunity to engage with industry experts, acquire valuable insights, and witness the increasing prominence of D2C Unlocked.”

Simp is the preferred choice of over 26,000 merchants and millions of customers across India for its revolutionary 1-tap Checkout and state-of-the-art Checkout Network, which is bringing trust and convenience. Furthermore, Simpl has introduced a booster package tailored for D2C brands as part of its community building efforts. This package provides a variety of services from its partner companies in digital marketing, e-commerce consulting, credit access, and legal support at discounted rates. Its purpose is to assist businesses and boost their growth.

Industry reports indicate that the direct-to-consumer (D2C) market in India has surpassed $100 billion. This market is witnessing growth due to changing consumer preferences, higher investments, and advancements in technology. Simpl aims to lead this transformation by offering extensive assistance to D2C businesses in areas like facilitating credit access, enhancing discoverability, and ensuring smooth payment processes.

About Simpl

Simpl is India’s foremost Merchant First Checkout Network, making payments invisible and money intelligent. Simpl is on a mission to empower merchants to build trusted relationships with customers, one transaction at a time. With more than 26,000 available merchants and millions of approved users pan-India, Simpl envisions creating a frictionless and inclusive digital payments experience for India that empowers and fosters trust between merchants and their customers.

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