Thursday, June 8, 2023

Validated By Q-Max Test, Magnicool Luxury Mattress Helps You Beat The Heat Wave

To combat the relentless and oppressive summer heat, Magniflex India has recently introduced the Magnicool mattress, which facilitates better relaxation and superior sleep quality. This revolutionary mattress effectively lowers the temperature and provides an instant feeling of freshness upon contact with the skin. Magnicool holds certifications from OEKO-TEX® and ACA and is validated by the Q-Max test, a globally reliable method for evaluating the instant sensation of freshness a fabric provides. The Japanese fabric utilized in the mattress is designed to regulate temperature by promoting optimal air circulation, ensuring a consistent microclimate between the body and the mattress.

Commenting on the Magnicool mattress, Dr Shankar. S. Biradar, MBBS, Medical Director, Trust -in Hospital, Bangalore, said, "Our body temperature plays a crucial role in the quality of our sleep. Certain mattresses can increase core body temperature, leading to restlessness and sleep disturbances. To ensure a good night's sleep, it is important to manage core body temperature. The fabrics used in Magnicool mattresses function as thermostats, helping regulate body temperature and providing an immediate feeling of freshness. With its innovative technology, the mattress provides optimal relaxation and revitalization, offering unparalleled comfort and the essential therapeutic advantages that your body needs for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience."

Magnicool is made of quilted memoform material with a massaging system, super soft fiber, and hypoallergenic fiber padding, which offer greater comfort and adapt to your body contours. The fabric incorporates thousands of micro-particles of silicate materials that are meticulously distributed among the fibers, effectively lowering the temperature. This mattress possesses a temperature regulating feature that makes it suitable in any climate and weather conditions.

Franklin C, a customer, who has been using the mattress since last month, expressed satisfaction with Magnicool, saying, "Earlier, I used to have problems falling asleep due to the extreme heat. The mattress I had before made me sweat profusely and constantly interrupted my sleep cycles. Since, I started using Magnicool, my sleep has significantly improved. The mattress helps regulate my body temperature, preventing excessive heat build-up and providing an instant cooling sensation. Now, I can fall asleep more easily and enjoy uninterrupted sleep cycles throughout the night.”

One can avail the benefits of Magnicool through the recently introduced Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP). This strategic initiative by Magniflex India aims to encourage consumers to prioritize their health through quality sleep. The MIP offers EMI options to purchase the company's products across categories.

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