Thursday, November 3, 2022

Medtronic Launches TruClear & HysteroLux System For Diagnostic And Operative Hysteroscopy In India

* Next-generation device, engineered to enable the treatment of intrauterine abnormalities without any incisions or electric shocks

India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), today announced the launch of the TruClear™ system, a mechanical hysteroscopic tissue removal system used for the safe and effective treatment of intra uterine abnormalities (IUA). Some of the commonly seen IUA includes fibroids, polyps, retained products of conception, adhesions, malignancies, or hyperplasia.

One of the symptoms of IUA is abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). AUB refers to any vaginal bleeding that is unrelated to the normal menstrual cycle, that may manifest in the form of small amounts of spotting in between periods, or unusually heavy periods. AUB is reported to occur in 9-14% women between menarche and menopause. The prevalence varies in each country. In India, the reported prevalence of AUB is around 17.9%.1 Watchful waiting and removal of the uterus (called a hysterectomy) are two common treatments to AUB. Between these two extremes is hysteroscopy, a minimally invasive treatment and the gold standard for allowing surgeons to look directly into the uterus and determine if AUB is related to fibroids, polyps, retained products of conceptions, or intrauterine adhesions.2 It does not requires incisions or electric shocks, and provides patients with a quicker recovery.

“TruClear system is a new addition to our GYN and women’s health portfolio and by introducing innovations like these we’re bringing choice, control and confidence to women’s healthcare in India. The system is built to facilitate a less invasive and effective way of treating intra uterine pathologies, giving patients the choice to retain the organ and go back to routine faster. Its precision and enhanced visibility provides gynecologists much needed comfort and helps avoid complications, yielding better patient outcomes,” said Abhishek Bhargava, director, Surgical, Patient Monitoring, Respiratory Interventions & ENT, Medtronic India.

TruClear™ is a next-generation device that provides practitioners with a clear operative field and patients with gentle mechanical resection during procedure to help efficiently execute a hysteroscopy. Unlike other intrauterine abnormality treatment options that use a high-frequency electric current, the TruClear™ system uses a simple mechanical approach to remove intrauterine tissue. Therefore, there is no scarring of the uterine lining from thermal energy or electrical energy, thus providing more hope of preserving the uterus for the future.

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