Thursday, November 10, 2022

India Based Frux Technologies, First Of Its Kind Venture Incubation Platform Expends Its Presence To North America

Frux Technologies, an India based incubation platform, today announced its expansion plans into North America.

Talking on this, Dalip Arora, Founder & CEO, Frux Technologies said, “We are bringing this unique platform to North American market, where every participating Vendors, Partners and Customers will have a unique proposition for themselves. Our decade long experience across various global markets, makes us an expert in creating successful partnerships for vendors, partners and customers.

We are excited to use our in-depth knowledge and exposure to bring niche technologies from around the globe to the North American channel community. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the technology creators, who are scattered across the world and the actual users in a defined geographies and to help customers and partners to adopt the technologies from the future in the present.”

“Frux Technologies has helped many niche technology vendors to establish themselves in various markets by providing them market intelligence, GTM strategy and support required in any local market to create new opportunities and build the business from scratch. Entering into a new market and expanding within the market is not a new thing for Frux Technologies. Our past experiences, strategies and learnings will help the company to capture the Market share quickly”, further added Mr. Arora.

Frux Technologies is a first of its kind Venture Incubation platform in the North American channel industry catering markets across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle-east. Founded by industry veterans with a combined experience of more than 100+ years in the field of Sales & Marketing Leadership and expertise in Channel Recruitment, Enablement and Channel Growth.

Frux offers a platform for niche technology players from different industries like Information Technology, Healthcare and Finance etc. to enter new markets or bolster their existing presence in the markets where they are operating by using well equipped and readily available channel partner base associated with Frux Technologies.

Visit our website  /   to learn more about Frux Technologies and how we are helping vendors, partners and customers in different parts of the world to stay ahead of the Technology curve and take advantage of our platform.

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