Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ashwin Damera, CEO of Edtech Unicorn Eruditus Invests In Khelomore

-Enabling more Indians to learn and play sports-

Ashwin Damera, co-founder & CEO of edtech unicorn Eruditus ( has invested in KheloMore (, a platform that efficiently allows Indians to learn and play a sport of their choice. The investment, an undisclosed sum, was made through his family office, Damera Ventures (

KheloMore is founded by erstwhile international cricketer and ex-Nike sports marketing executive, Jatin Paranjape. The KheloMore app connects more than 5,000 pay and play venues across Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, etc. to consumers, thereby enabling them to learn and play a sport. It also has a unique model of deploying coaches into gated communities, enabling professional coaching to young and upcoming athletes. It’s other investors include gaming unicorn Dream11 which invested in the company in 2021.

Bhagyashree Damera, co
-founder Damera Ventures, said, “Ashwin and I are avid sport enthusiasts and share with Jatin his vision of making sports more accessible to a large number of Indians. We are excited to partner with KheloMore to build a broad-based sporting culture across India. Sports and wellness are essential for the holistic development of the nation.”

Jatin Paranjape, CEO & Founder of KheloMore, said “KheloMore provides consumers efficient access to Learning and Playing a sport of their choice through the convenience of technology. India will undoubtedly be amongst the biggest sports participating nations in the coming years, and KheloMore will play a pivotal role in this exciting journey. We are happy to welcome the Dameras to this journey.”

About KheloMore

KheloMore ( is a digital sports platform bringing together young sports enthusiasts and coaches/academies online through their proprietary app. Started in 2017, KheloMore helps parents explore their child’s first step into the land of multiple sports, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, all through the convenience of a hassle free mobile app.

Founded by Jatin Paranjape, former Mumbai and India cricketer, and ex Sports Managing Head of Nike for almost 10 years in India and Europe – KheloMore has the perfect understanding of what is required by a sportsperson, a coach, a parent, and the workings of the business of sports management. Its other investors include gaming unicorn Dream11.

About Damera Ventures

Damera Ventures ( is the family office of Ashwin Damera, co-founder & CEO of edtech Unicorn Eruditus ( and his wife Bhagyashree Damera. Operating with a combination of charitable grants and impact investments, Damera Ventures aims to alleviate social challenges and transform lives for the better. At present, the family office is active in the areas of education, women empowerment, nutrition, well-being and rural prosperity.

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