Monday, November 14, 2022

Bangalore Heartfulness Centre Celebrates “Children’s Day” With Zest

* Unveiling of The Wisdom Bridge and sessions on the art of parenting were the key highlights 

This Children’s Day eve, Heartfulness brought a one-of-a-kind Kids’ Carnival at the Heartfulness Centre in Bangalore, wherein children could enjoy a gamut of activities along with Heartfulness’s sessions. Over 650 participants that included more than 200 Children and 450 adults, besides 250 newcomers attended the event. Brought in association with Airaa Academy the event was open to all school children. The event was presided over by Mr. Krishna Kant IPS – Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bangalore South andMs. Jenny John, Principal, Airaa Academy who after the unveiling of ‘The Wisdom Bridge’ – the latest and the top-selling book by Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’ – the Guide of Heartfulness, shared their thoughts about the book and the tools that it lays out for parents and grandparents for raising children, developing family bonds and cultivating values. More than 50 volunteers worked for the grand success of the event.  

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Krishna Kant IPS said, “Today our society and especially the youth are wayled to many bad habits and bad influences and this book is a great insight and inspiration to reflect on how to raise and support children.  The principles mentioned in the book are very valuable.  I recommend everyone to read it and benefit from it. Every year we observe Children’s Day on Nehru ji’s birth anniversary marking his love for children. We must make it all the more special by the very important tools that The Wisdom Bridge gives us – very poignantly told by Daaji and something that holds deep meaning for many generations to come. In today’s world, we all need to recalibrate our roles and minds in raising a family and societal values. With so much digitization and technological advancements, we have material benefits and luxuries, but no peace of mind often loosing control over life. We need to teach our children and future generations how to take responsibilities and uphold virtues. The Wisdom Bridge tells it all.” 

“It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to be at today’s event, I learned about the book a few days back and as I began to read the book it was encapsulating, it is written in such a simple and elegant manner.  Very easy for anyone to follow.  One of the principles in the book talks about ‘caring is the new preparing ‘- such a powerful and relevant idea.  In my role, I am so close to the community of teachers, parents, and children and I can confidently say this book is very relevant to all and is a must-read.  There is such a need for us to pass on the invaluable wisdom from parents and grandparents to the next generation and it is a timely reminder by this book.  I am looking forward to completing the book and discovering more about all the nine principles shared in this book, and will take it forward to my community of parents and teachers,” said Ms. Jenny John.  

Shri Kamesh Patel ‘Daaji’ – Guide of Heartfulness and author of The Wisdom Bridge said, “The book had been on my mind since 2012. When I witnessed how people were delaying marriages, walking away from the social norms and causing the breaking away of the very social fabric, I felt it was time I wrote it – from what I was witnessing. I have tried to put all these thoughts together interwoven with the ancient wisdom of ours. And I hope it can be useful to the masses.” 

Separate sessions for parents and grandparents were held to impart the art of parenting and raising children along with relaxation and meditation techniques, Different stalls were arranged for Brighter Minds demo, science experiment under supervision, crafts, story-telling, memory games, fun activities and food. There were also selfie and riddle corner. The stalls were teeming with children, and it created a festive ambience.  

Children and adults had key take-aways from the session as they wound up with life-changing wisdom nuggets. Although it is not the first time that Heartfulness has arranged an event for children, this one becomes unique in unfolding the art of parenting and more. There was something for every age group which led to a very positive feedback from all quarters.

Photocaption Mr. Sharat Hegde (Heartfulness Institute Director), Mr. P. Krishna Kant I.P.S , Deputy Commissioner of Police- Bangalore South, Ms. Jenny John, Principal - Airaa Academy,   Mr. Shakthi Kumaar (Heartfulness Banashankari Centre Manager) unveil The Wisdom Bridge at a Heartfulness led kids' carnival on the eve of “Children's Day” in Bangalore Heartfulness Centre. 

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