Wednesday, October 12, 2022

AEEE Launches Initiative To Rally Cross-Sectoral Action Against Climate Change

·         AEEE’s Call for Action supports the Prime Minister’s Panchamrit Declaration

·         Urges government, industry players and non-profit organisations to promote and embrace energy-efficient, low-carbon, and net-zero enabling technologies to achieve 100 GW of non-fossil 500 GW target through energy efficiency by 2030

The Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), one of India’s leading think tanks creating awareness about energy efficiency as a ‘first fuel’, today launched its Call for Action (CFA) initiative along with its member organisations in the fight against climate change. This initiative calls for the collaboration of the government, industry, and non-profit organisations to work in tandem to achieve the net zero target by 2070, set by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

The CFA recommends a four-pronged approach that organisations should incorporate into their operations-

·         Reuse, Reduce and Recycle- It suggests encouraging consumers to opt for green and energy-efficient solutions, buying 5-star rated appliances, switching to e-vehicles, etc.

·         Lifestyle for the Environment (LIFE)- It proposes establishing carbon analytics and market insight to support corporates on their internal carbon pricing structures

·         Digitalisation and data-driven approach- It recommends opting for IoT-enabled energy management, building and process cloud-based controls and data analytics in buildings, industries and power grid

·         Engage, engage, engage- As the name suggests, there is a need to connect with a diverse workforce to find representation from all communities to promote sustainability through education and partnerships

With a broader focus on bringing down the energy intensity, businesses, industrial utilities, and large consumption centres like hospitals and hotels will play a critical role and are required to shift to energy-efficient technologies and appliances while offering support to data-driven, evidence-based policies.

Commenting on the CFA’s introduction, Mr Chirag Baijal, Chairman, AEEE and Managing Director, Carrier Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd, stated, “At the outset, we are pleased to launch this much-needed initiative that will ramp up our actions and strengthen the innovation of cooling appliances, cold-chain, e-vehicles, and sustainable buildings. While we have made remarkable progress in recent years, we still need the support of Indian government, other industry players, non-profits, and academia to accelerate India’s mission to clean energy.”

AEEE, along with its members such as ABB, BSES, Carrier, DENSO, Danfoss, Tabreed, and Saint Gobain, amongst others are working relentlessly towards combating climate change. In their united and concerted efforts for energy efficient practices and innovative technologies like IoT, data analytics, and cloud-based data controls, an impact on reducing carbon footprint and fostering a greener economy can be achieved.

Dr Satish Kumar, President & Executive Director, AEEE, said, “Looking forward to COP27, we at AEEE strive to unite our industry partners and walk towards a sustainable future to fulfil the country’s goals of delivering 100 GW of energy savings and becoming carbon neutral by 2070. Achieving this goal will help Indians adopt the latest green technology while increasing millions of jobs and boosting our annual GDP. There is a need to build a culture of energy efficiency to start reducing the country’s energy requirements from the demand side without compromising on our aspirations and creating an Energy efficient and resilient economy.”

Energy efficiency offers the cleanest, cheapest, and fastest policy, technological and behavioural options to start decarbonising the Indian economy. AEEE, in its endeavours, enables scalable environment-friendly solutions towards achieving sustainability through energy efficiency, and, optimising energy consumption.  Energy Efficiency and Renewables will work in tandem towards decarbonising our energy supplies for a healthy and clean future.

About AEEE

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) is one of the leading organisations in India that works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource. It is a policy support and energy efficiency market enabler with a not-for-profit motive. We enable and support data-driven and evidence-based energy efficiency policies and research. AEEE is a convening platform bringing key energy stakeholders – industry, government, civil society, and professionals together to engage in a constructive dialogue to influence effective and impactful policies and build a robust ecosystem for effective implementation. At AEEE, we undertake cutting edge, research-based projects for global bilateral, multilateral, foundations, and government agencies specialising in the areas of Sustainable Cold Chain, Advance Technologies, Sustainable Building Designs, State and Local Action, Power Utility and eMobility, and Energy Data Services & Sustainable Aviation.

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