Friday, October 14, 2022

World Food Day 2022: Delicious Journeys Await You In South Africa

Food is indistinguishably intertwined with culture. Want to immerse yourself in culture and establish firm relationships with the locals? Share a meal! Food also plays and integral role in keeping culture and traditions alive. Besides, consuming meals made from locally sourced ingredients is one of the simplest ways to practice responsible and sustainable tourism while displaying respect for another society.

As with other relationships, it is important to keep nurturing your relationship with food too. The best way is to keep experimenting and trying new cuisines to keep your taste buds active.

With World Food Day around the corner, awaken the gastronome within you and take a delicious trip to the ultimate food destination – South Africa. The country has a wide range of top-notch culinary offerings which makes it an exciting destination for food enthusiasts. To celebrate World Food Day, plan a food-focused tour with your friends and family to the Rainbow Nation.

Read on to know more about the best food places you can visit in South Africa:

       Relish the Indian-origin Bunny Chow (that is not easily available in India!)

South Africa’s famous street food – the Bunny Chow, has Indian origins. This Durban delicacy is similar to a bread bowl. You take a loaf of white bread, empty it out, and stuff it with a delicious vegetarian or meat curry. Doesn’t this description alone make your mouth water? Though this dish is rare in India, it is a signature dish in the Rainbow Nation. The spice blend in a Durban curry is different from what you'd get in Delhi. This delicacy in no way is for light food eaters. It is often sold in sizes such as quarter or half. Go on an empty stomach and see how many Bunny Chows you can eat.

       Wine and dine at the Haute Cabriere Wine Farm

South Africa is widely regarded as one of the world's top wine-producing countries, with the ideal environment for exceptional viticulture in a variety of wine regions. Lush green vineyards can be found all over South Africa, but the most popular are those situated in and around the Cape Winelands. Enjoy a catch-up session over some great wine, food, and amazing view in one of the most renowned vineyards in the country – Haute Cabriere Wine Farm. This farm has the most beautiful views in Franschhoek! Their tasting area resembles a cavern, and their outdoor patio overlooks the entire valley on a clear day. Don’t forget to try one of their specialties – the Pierre Jourdan sparkling wines, locally known as Cap Classique. 

Find your Oyster

South Africa is so fond of oysters that they have a whole festival dedicated to them, known as the Knysna Oyster Festival. Seafood lovers may feast on an unending supply of oysters at more than 20 restaurants that are just for foodies. Oysters coupled with crisp wine in town is regarded as one of the top gourmet pairings in the country. This pairing can be found in numerous restaurants throughout the country, but for the best, tourists should go to Benguela Cove in the Walker Bay Cape Winelands, where they have a wide range of oysters and fine wine. Sip on some bubbly as you devour these aphrodisiacs.

Savour the Country's National Dish - Bobotie

Bobotie is a classic southern African meal of minced beef with curry and sauces. It is rich, flavourful, spicy, pungent and zingy, all at the same time! A comforting meal, bursting with African flavours, bobotie is enough to satisfy your appetites after a long day of fun and adventure. This delicious cuisine from Indonesia that was brought to South Africa in the seventeenth century. The Company’s Garden in Cape Town offers the best bobotie in the country.

Celebrate Your Personal Milestones with Braai 

Braai means ‘grilled meat’ and is the South African equivalent of a barbecue. The braai-making process has now evolved become a cultural tradition in South Africa. It brings together family, friends and is a go-to social event to celebrate any milestone in life. An authentic braai is fuelled with charcoal or wood and never by gas. It consists of a variety of meat like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, ostrich, seafood, boerewors (sausage), and sosatie (skewered meat) barbecued on a grill. There are multiple vegetarian options available as well. Braaibrooodjie (grilled sandwiches), pap, and roosterbrood (bread) are some common sides enjoyed with braai. It makes for a delicious meal and a perfect one to enjoy with a large group of friends or family!

The road to the Rainbow Nation is definitely through your stomach!

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