Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bengaluru 7 Startup Selected To Receive Funding From AIC-GIM

* 7 Startups to run the pilot phase of Single-Use Plastic Challenge introduced by Atal Incubation Centre of Goa Institute of Management. 

Taking large strides towards minimizing the use of plastics in the Food and Beverage industry, 7 startups have been selected as a result of the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Challenge organized by the Atal Incubation Center Foundation at Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM) in collaboration with Climate Collective Foundation and IHCL brand.  Benguluru-based startup, ‘Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions’ is one of those selected and shall be receiving funding and guidance from AIC-GIM throughout the pilot phase. 

SUP Challenge - Goa is an international acceleration program to address the SUPs demand and waste in the F&B industry. The challenge aims to support innovators to build capacity and pilot their solution with F&B partners in Goa. The challenge assesses the volume of single-use plastic waste and finds ways to reduce its deposition in our environment.  

Benguluru-based startup, Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions, solves significant problems in production, distribution, and consumption. Through innovation and the provision of sustainable waste management solutions, Bare Necessities addresses the sometimes disregarded but growing issue of waste by focusing on the employment of women and relying on ethical procurement from neighborhood farmers and sellers. 

Sahar Mansoor, Founder of Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions, shares “The experience with the SUP challenge was intense, rapid, and filled with immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle of innovative sustainable companies and compressing years’ worth of knowledge into just a few sessions.  The sessions curated by AIC-GIM helped us gain real feedback from F&B partners after using our sustainable coconut bowls among other bare necessities products. It was immensely helpful to learn these lessons from other SUP pilots and other entrepreneurs on their SUP journey.  There is great potential to collaborate with F&B partners; and of course, with other entrepreneurs; to help eliminate single use plastic from our economies, lifestyles and ecosystems.” 

78 applications were received from across the country out of which 17 innovative ideas were selected. After an evaluation process, 7 promising startup ideas have been selected to run pilot projects at the Taj Hotel and Convention Centre in Goa.  Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions, Ibanss, BioReform, Ecopak, Kagzi Bottles, Kasoi India, and Srishti Lifescience have been shortlisted. Each startup has come up with unique, unprecedented ideas to contribute significantly to the ongoing effort towards excessive plastic deposition in the environment. 

Rajesh Joshi, CEO AIC-GIM, says, “The SUP Challenge is a challenge that is currently taking place all over the globe as people are slowly realizing the importance of avoiding this climate catastrophe. Making this project happen in Goa has put our state on the map when it comes to sustainability. AIC-GIM is going to provide the selected startups with access to market, funding, and mentorship. We also have a pool of mentors selected by the Atal Innovation Mission who the incubatees can approach whenever they need any advice.”  

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