Sunday, August 14, 2022

Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru Is All Set To Celebrate 75th Independence Day By Unfurling The “Biggest National Flag”

* Let’s celebrate the occasion of Independence Day by inspiring each one of us to thank our heroes for it by flaring the biggest national flag at Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru 

With Independence day just around the corner, it is that time of the year again when we unfurl the flag to commemorate our 75th year of Independence. Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru is all set to take Independence Day to a whole new level this year with its massive arrangement of larger-than-life magnificent National Flag that will make people feel proud creating a great photo opportunity for people to take memorable selfies. The mall will be elegantly lit in tricolors which will fill the air with pride. 

This year Phoenix Marketcity is all set to witness a glorious and historic moment as India completes 75 years of Independence. This day will be made memorable by putting up a larger-than-life national flag marking the 75th year of independence. Celebrations of Independence day at Phoenix Marketcity have always been a proud affair, as there is always an attempt to do something unique each year.  Independence Day celebrations are also set to be bigger and better than ever before with fun-packed evenings filled with activities, and soulful musical nights for every generation.  

About Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru 

Classified as a “Larger Lifestyle Engagement Destination”, Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru offers visitors an array of unforgettable experiences. With its truly international look and feel, tastefully done interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from the world over, Phoenix remains ‘The’ destination for the premium discerning customers of the city as well ex-pats. With over 300 stores, representing an exhaustive mix of International, National, and Regional premium brands, the mall offers the most comprehensive and compelling lifestyle shopping experience in Bangalore. More than just a Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru is in fact a veritable melting pot of fascinating cultures, beautiful clothing, and high-end couture. It is a city within a city, an urban space where retail, entertainment, and leisure offerings co-exist. 

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