Wednesday, August 17, 2022

QETCI Announces Quantum Science & Technology Hackathon 2022

QET Council of India  (QETCI) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes research, development, and adoption and use of Quantum Technology in collaboration with industry, academia, government, and partner councils and associations. QETCI is organizing the first of its kind Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon 2022 with an objective to bootstrap the Quantum Ecosystem to find solutions to problems for Humanity. The initiative aims to encourage, mentor, and support high-potential projects so that we can have more startups in Quantum, as well as facilitate skill development. The unique aspect is that hacking is open to people not just in India but across Geographies.

The first ever Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon 2022 starts on India’s 75th Independence Day – on 15th August 2022. It will be run through phases and the final demos will happen on the 18th & 19th of November 2022. The Hackathon invites collaborative projects useful for humanity. The themes for Hackathon would be Financial Services and Life Sciences (including health care, pharma, biotech, and biosciences), Quantum Security, and Quantum Sensors and Communications. To register please login to Online Hackathon | HackerEarth developer event | Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon 2022

The winners will get cash Prizes worth 10 Lakhs, besides winner certificates and membership opportunities with QETCI. They will also get an opportunity with Incubators and get credits for access to Quantum Hardware. It will open up new avenues for students where they can comprehend a larger community gaining access to leading researchers and experts who can help them shape their careers. Participants will have a great learning experience and offer a unique opportunity to build a powerful network. The students with shortlisted projects will get summer internship opportunities in Quantum Technology.

The Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon 2022 is an industry-recognized platform organized by QETCI in partnership with the Principal Scientific Advisor’s office, Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE), Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Corporation, Apollo Hospitals, and  Quantinuum.

Amazon Web Services and IEEE are Leading Sponsors as well.  Amazon Braket and Microsoft Azure Quantum platforms will be available to participants to hack on.

Qubits Ventures based out of Pasadena, California and T-Hub based out of Hyderabad, Telangana are supporting the initiative as Incubation Partners. The collaborative efforts of industry, academia, and institutions will create an ecosystem for the disruptive use of Quantum Computing.

Apart from the enthusiastic participants, the mentors who are contributing to bringing about change in how the technological world works will be provided with a special certificate as a part of this program along with a free one-year membership from the QETCI. The top two mentors will have free access to an International Quantum Conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Reena Dayal, Chairperson QETCI said, “The Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon is about igniting interest and encouraging people to create Quantum-based solutions. There is no doubt that quantum technology has exponential potential and is capable of solving some of the biggest problems humanity faces today. With this event, we will be able to leapfrog quantum efforts in the country by showcasing the possibilities, charging the startup and investor ecosystem for Quantum, and thus outlining a strong economic imperative for Quantum. The hackathon/incubation effort is aimed at developing the quantum ecosystem, developing skills, and funding quantum startups with the objective of communicating the long-term positive impact of Quantum Technology on Industry and Society.”

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