Monday, July 18, 2022

Top Emerging Social Media Platforms To Earn Money In Indian Markets

Social media is always evolving to satisfy the versatile interests of its users. New social media platforms are emerging to serve specific audiences or to offer something different. This further extends to the fact that these platforms are now not only limited to engaging with the communities but also encouraging users to earn money, as well. Therefore, in today’s era, one doesn’t need to completely rely on brand associations to monetize their capabilities. They can now be a part of new interventions which will reward them for their creativity.

Here is the list of top platforms where influencers can earn money with their talent:

Chingari App:

Chingari is a video-sharing mobile app. In these videos, users have options to add visual effects, lip-sync, dance, or voice-over movie scenes and comic dialogues. Users can earn money by uploading videos on the Chingari app. Chingari pays users based on the popularity of their uploaded content. Users get to earn points or $GARI token based on the views their videos attract. Each view earns the user a point. These points can later be exchanged for money.


Taki, a global crypto token-powered social network platform brings an opportunity for creators and users to earn value in crypto tokens. People can simply creating content, or even by engaging with other’s content by commenting or posting to earn $TAKI token. Taki also allows users to create their own $USERCOIN to build their economy on the Taki platform. Taki primarily aims to reward users who are spending their time every day on social media to get entertained and engage socially.


Clubhouse is a social audio app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in audio chat rooms that accommodate groups of thousands of people.Clubhouse: The Social Audio App Clubhouse pays users with the Creator First accelerator program. All users can send payments, and the app will pay the full amount to the creator—without taking a cut. Sending payments to Clubhouse creators is simple to do, making it highly convenient for creators and general users.


ImageTiki is a new short-form video-making social media platform which has just ventured into India. Instead of the traditional black-box model of paying creators, Tiki has innovated a performance-based mechanism that is transparent and fair to the talented ones. The money they earn is only defined by the Stars that they gain from users. Star is a feature that Tiki has designed for users to send to their favorite creators or content. Different from the ‘Like’ which has been inflated and even abused on many other platforms, Star on Tiki can be viewed as a thoughtful and sincere vote from a user to a creator. Star can be earned via short videos, profile pages, and live broadcasting.

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