Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Over 100 Restaurants Across India Join Hands To Curate Soy-Fed Menus To Increase Awareness About High-Quality Protein

In pursuit of educating consumers about high-quality protein food sources, Right to Protein, the nationwide public health initiative, is collaborating with over 100 restaurants to provide specially curated dishes made of high-quality poultry that is fed high protein soybean meals. Launched across 15 Indian cities, restaurant chains such as Oye Kiddan, Super Bowl, Burgrill, Sardaji Londonwale, Punjabi Nawabi, Farmhouse, among others, will create the customized ‘Soy Fed’ menu that will also be available on leading food ordering apps such as Zomato and Swiggy.

“Indian consumers are increasingly looking to make healthier choices. Most of our consumers not only believe that we are what we eat but also agree that we are what our food is fed or made of! Therefore, we choose poultry that is soy fed to prepare high-quality protein meals. The tailored ‘Soy Fed’ online menu is only the next step to further enable health-conscious consumers to easily choose meals created with soymeal fed poultry,” Shreh Madan, Owner, Burgrill said.

“We have always strived to offer the most nutritious food choices for all our consumers and with this menu, we go a step ahead in helping them exercise their right to high-quality protein! We’re happy to have joined this awareness movement, which we hope will bring a radical change in how our consumers perceive food and are better equipped to make informed decisions,” said Gurmeet Kochhar, Owner, Oye Kiddan.

“It is a delight to see the Soy Fed progress from being India’s first feed label to now also being a novel menu as we continue to raise awareness about the role of soy as a sustainable source of nutrition for humans as well as animals. We remain relentless in our mission to educate people about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better health and well-being and this is yet another step in that direction”, stated Jaison John, Lead - India, US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Right To Protein supporter.

Soybean meal is a key protein source in the diets of livestock, poultry, and aquaculture offering a well-balanced amino acid profile, and high level of digestibility among plant-based protein sources. The complete nutritional value in soybean meals assists in maintaining the animals' wellbeing. The ‘Soy Fed’ menu with restaurants across the country, is therefore a radical next step by Right To Protein after the earlier launch of ‘Soy Fed label – India’s first voluntary feed label for animal protein products – towards making consumers identify and choose quality protein food.

About Right To Protein: Right To Protein is India's first awareness initiative to educate citizens about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better nutrition, health and wellbeing. #RightToProtein initiative aspires to build knowledge of different types of protein sources amongst Indians, especially plant protein, to meet larger nutritional goals. Right To Protein aims to develop an ecosystem of professionals to drive protein awareness and debunk myths and misconceptions about protein as a critical macro-nutrient for human health and of many protein foods sources. The ecosystem will aim to improve the production and consumption quality and consistency of both, plant and animal proteins. Right To Protein is supported by several like-minded Indian and global individuals, academicians, professionals and institutions. The initiative is open for those who would like to join and/or contribute in any capacity, including providing knowledge, technical support or as promotion partners. For more information, visit www.righttoprotein.com

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