Wednesday, July 20, 2022

HackerEarth Sees Significant Surge In Full-Stack Developer Assessments, Driven By Demand For Customizable Solutions

* As companies navigate the complexities of screening full-stack developers, HackerEarth saw a 60% increase in full-stack assessments during the past six months

HackerEarth, a leading solutions provider for remote developer assessments, interviews, and upskilling, recently announced a significant increase of full-stack developer assessments facilitated on its platform in the past 6 months. The company’s recently improved full-stack assessments platform allows hiring managers and recruiters to assess candidates on the full spectrum of application development — from the back-end all the way to the user-facing front-end.

A comprehensive full-stack assessment must be able to support multiple different combinations of technologies. HackerEarth Assessments empower organizations to create customized assessments for the same full-stack role, depending on each candidate’s skills and their own requirements. This is important because many full-stack developers have specialized skills on the front or backend along with familiarity with the other components of building an application. 

The complexity of building and proctoring full-stack assessments is fueling the adoption of HackerEarth Assessments. In addition to conducting skills assessments specific to each developer, the platform features a Theia editor, which allows developers to write code on their own system, ensuring the best candidate experience. The upswing in full-stack assessments indicates companies are readying their workforces for Web3 and other emerging application development.

Enhancements made to the HackerEarth’s full-stack assessments include more personalized and customizable solutions for organizations and recruiters, all while providing candidates with seamless platform interactions.

Key Product Innovations Include:

300% Increase in available full-stack questions that allow tech recruiting teams to assess candidates’ knowledge of more frameworks, and test developers on skills of non-relational databases such as MongoDB.

Sample questions for various frameworks can now be loaded directly from within the product, significantly reducing time for recruiting teams by providing a ready-to-use boilerplate template. Additionally, this allows admins and question creators to focus on core questions’ logic instead of the structure and syntax, improving the user experience.

Enhanced customer interface that includes a reduced editor load time and improved auto-complete and debugging functionality. The improved interface offers users access to tools and functionality they may be familiar with in their local development environments.

Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth, said, “As enterprises prepare for the shift to Web3, blockchain, and the Metaverse, tech recruiting teams must be able to easily assess full-stack developers’ skills objectively and accurately. Full-stack development is not a one-size fits all role and comes with complexity around screening and proctoring tests that can last days and even weeks.  With a close eye on recruiting practices, developers also expect exceptional candidate experiences. Our  recent surge in full-stack assessments further demonstrates the value of the platform to both recruiters and candidates.”

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