Friday, July 8, 2022

Tata Motors Group Global Wholesales At 3,16,443 In Q1 FY23

The Tata Motors Group global wholesales in Q1 FY23, including Jaguar Land Rover, were at 3,16,443 nos., higher by 48%, as compared to Q1 FY22.

Global wholesales of all Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles and Tata Daewoo range in Q1 FY23 were at 1,03,529 nos., higher by 97%, over Q1 FY22. 

Global wholesales of all passenger vehicles in Q1 FY23 were at 2,12,914 nos., higher by 32% as compared to Q1 FY22. 

Global wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover were 82,587 vehicles (**JLR number for Q1 FY23 includes CJLR volumes of 10,772 units). Jaguar wholesales for the quarter were 14,596 vehicles, while Land Rover wholesales for the quarter were 67,991 vehicles.

*Includes sales of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited.

**CJLR – It is a JV between JLR and Chery Automobiles and is an unconsolidated subsidiary for JLR

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