Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Exhilarating Exterior At Vaishnavi Icon On Richmond Road, Bengaluru

Vaishnavi Group, a leading builder in Bengaluru has incorporated a unique design element in one of their commercial buildings. Vaishnavi Icon, a six-storeyed office space located on Richmond Road a few meters from Trinity Circle boasts of a very unique exterior.

A profound steel sculpture greets you at the entrance of the building which is as magnificent as the building itself. The sculpture, named ‘Exhilaration’ is a 15-foot-high wired human face crafted in pure stainless steel by renowned sculptor, Arzan Khambatta

The concept of the sculpture is all about keeping an open mind and letting your imagination run free. The sculpture took Arzan 6 months to complete.

“In the current work scenario where everyone seems to be competing, meeting goals, pushing for deadlines, and in the process losing themselves, this sculpture is about giving the mind a vacation, so the soul can wander,” explains Arzan Khambatta, about his work of art.

“In the most stressful of situations, if the mind is open, if you let it breathe, life becomes better and miracles happen. The sculpture aims to bring about a calming, soothing & relaxing feeling to those who view it,” adds Arzan Khambatta.

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