Monday, February 21, 2022

The Original Muffler Man: Living Biography Of Mr. Kasturi Lal Jain Released By HarperCollins India

The biography of Mr. Kasturi Lal Jain, Chairman of the Jain Amar Group which owns popular brands like MADAME, CAMLA Barcelona and MSecret was released at a ceremony in Delhi on 16th February. The event took place at a premium hotel in New Delhi. The book launch was preceded by a candid conversation with the author of the book Shubhra Krishan and Mr. Kasturi Lal Jain. Mr. Jain shared various snippets from his eventful life and about his success.

Mr. Jain has been an inspiring figure in the business community in India, especially in the apparel industry. His journey started in the year 1940 when he began manufacturing and selling mufflers in Punjab’s Ludhiana.

Hailing from an underdeveloped city named Kasur in undivided India, Mr. Jain made a name for himself and could gradually expand his muffler business even at a time when the subcontinent was fighting the menace partition and subsequent disturbances.

This was also the foundation of what would later come to be known as the Jain Amar Group, a household name in India when it comes to fast fashion, affordable clothing and fashion accessories. Jain Amar was founded in 1939 by Mr. Kasturi Lal’s father, Sh. Chunni Lal Duggar.

The group currently owns three popular clothing brands – MADAME, CAMLA Barcelona and MSecret – catering to the fashion requirements of the Indian millennial through the generations. Currently, the group runs over 150 exclusive stores across the country; the presence is over 600 other points of sale like MBOs and LFRs, across three continents.

“When I first heard the story of Mr. Kasturi Lal Jain, I was thrilled to know that he is the Chairman of the company behind MADAME. I immediately knew it was an inspiring story that needed to be published. The book carries a strong message – that hard work and sincerity will help achieve success in all facets of life, no matter what,” said Mr. Rakesh Chander of HarperCollins India.

The biography takes the readers through the journey of Mr. Jain from Kasur to Ludhiana, and his hard work which led to the creation of one of the biggest clothing brands in India. “Woven together with fond recollections and affectionate tributes from family, friends and co-workers, The Original Muffler Man reminds you of the things that really matter – gumption, grace and giving.”

The biography’s author, Shubhra Krishan said, “Writing this book was a pleasure and a privilege. It gave me the opportunity to meet a true legend, whose 8-decade journey is an inspiration to us all.” She is a seasoned television and print journalist who has written five outstanding books on food and well-being. The book is available in marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, offline bookstores, and on own website,

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