Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Wholistic Wellbeing Company RoundGlass Launches ‘Living’ App

RoundGlass, a global organization on a mission to democratize Wholistic Wellbeing for the world, has launched RoundGlass Living app for wellbeing seekers. Coming at a time when a global pandemic has disrupted lives at every level, the app will help users find their way to managing work-life balance, getting better sleep, parenting, eating healthy, coping with grief, and making end-of-life decisions. RoundGlass Living offers guidance from the world's best teachers in form of authentic, science-backed courses, classes, live sessions, and more, guiding users to a life of happiness, harmony, health, and growth.

Speaking at the launch, Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh, Founder, RoundGlass said, “RoundGlass Living is not just an app but a friend, a coach who will help you get started on your journey to Wholistic Wellbeing. It will transform your lives and take you to a place where you feel better. With this app and website, we want to deliver Wholistic Wellbeing for everyone and make the world a more joyful place to live in.”

There are multiple practice pathways to choose from — meditation and mindfulness, music, cooking, and movement — helping users understand what works for them. Users can create their profiles and receive personalized recommendations and watch themselves grow into their better selves.

Talking about the teachers on RoundGlass Living, Prakriti Poddar, Global Head, Mental Health and Wellbeing, RoundGlass, said, “We have curated some of the best teachers and experts from across the world, including the likes of Nithya Shanti, Vimalasara, Almeiri Santos, and Curtis Smith. And we have culled their years of practice and unparalleled experience into our live sessions, classes, and courses to guide seekers on their wellbeing journeys. RoundGlass Living+ provides users exclusive one-on-one sessions with these masters.”

The app, available for iPhone and Android users, has a free and a premium version (Living+) with a monthly subscription of $7.99 and an annual subscription of $59.99 (introductory price). The premium version offers unlimited access to all videos, early access to classes and courses, the ability to download and watch on-demand, and reserved seats for exclusive events.

About RoundGlass Living

RoundGlass Living is our digital solution, which aims to open a new joyful world of Wholistic Wellbeing for its users. Offering curated knowledge and guidance from the world's best teachers, it will hand-hold its users on their wellbeing journeys. Users can choose from a wide range of practice pathways such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, and music to achieve Wholistic Wellbeing.

RoundGlass Living will give its users access to courses, classes, and live sessions; insightful articles; and wellbeing tools such as customized meditation timer and reminders. Be it recourse for everyday stress and anxiety, managing difficult emotions, or coping with grief the app will help users live better and more joyfully.

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About RoundGlass

RoundGlass is a global wholistic wellbeing company dedicated to empowering and enabling people on their wellbeing journey. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to inspire the power of Wholistic Wellbeing to create a happier, healthier, and more joyful world. We work to achieve this by investing in and developing new technology, sharing knowledge, and focusing on action for the good of the individual, their community, and the wider world.

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