Monday, July 12, 2021

Kellogg South Asia Reinforces Commitment To Being A Strong Employer Brand With The Launch Of Employee Value Proposition

Kellogg South Asia today announced the launch of its ‘Employee Value Proposition’, extending its promise as an employer to existing and potential talent. With an overarching EVP statement ‘NOURISH YOUR GRRREAT’, Kellogg South Asia promises to help its employees realize true potential by providing opportunities to thrive. The EVP will come to life through three strategic pillars, namely, ‘Be the Real You’, ‘Make a Mark’, and ‘Do a World of Good’ and will be shared with all employees across corporate, retail, and the shop-floor in an engaging format, and simultaneously reflect in the company’s external communications across all its major platforms moving forward.

The EVP will give shape to Kellogg’s fundamental ethos, which is being a ‘people first’ organization. This has already reflected in myriad ways in recent years where the workforce required greater attention. Established programs around COVID emergency response preparedness such as ‘Kare’, ensuring the holistic growth of employees without physical limitations, 80% of employees covered in training programmes in the last one year, and serving 1.1 million meals to people in need amidst the lockdown, all stand testament to this fact. The EVP will reiterate Kellogg’s commitment to give employees numerous opportunities to make their mark, leverage a culture where they can be themselves, and do a world of good to the consumer and community around them.

Kellogg South Asia’s EVP came together authentically through the work of a cross functional team with representatives from different departments of the organization to provide the most holistic perspective. Over the course of one year, close to 850 interactions within the company and the FMCG sector were studied via deep-dive interviews and surveys, to ensure the EVP was rooted in what employees and external partners felt about the organization. The team also scanned social and third-party platforms to gauge general consensus in the talent market about Kellogg as an employer.

Commenting on the launch of Kellogg’s EVP, Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Kellogg South Asia, said “The launch of our EVP is a celebration of everything Kellogg stands for. While the core principles of our EVP were always ingrained in our organization, the external articulation of our EVP will help us recruit, onboard and engage the brightest minds in the industry. Our goal for EVP is to attract and retain people who know would be valued, supported with compassion, and where the culture aligns with their own beliefs and purpose.”       

Also commenting on the launch of EVP, Nimisha Das, Director HR, Kellogg South Asia said, “Kellogg is a strong consumer brand that has made its way to the hearts of many consumers, and our EVP gives us a chance to tell our story as an employer and give the brand a new identity. This is the most significant step towards nurturing and building an exceptionally strong talent pool. We are certain that the principles which form the bedrock of our EVP will not only help us attract the best talent but will also allow us to celebrate and build pride in the organization for our existing employees.”

Vinay Thakker, Founder, CEO, Oddinary said, "Creating the Employee Value Proposition for Kellogg's was an emotional journey for us. It involved multiple rounds of discussion and a deep dive into the culture that makes the company what it is today. The pride and love for the company was palpable even as the team briefed us. The K family is one big unit dedicated to moving ahead together, supporting each other at every step of the way. There is constant effort to work towards the betterment of consumers, employees, the community and the planet. Once this understanding and brief sunk in with us, the campaign practically wrote itself."

About Kellogg South Asia Private Limited

At Kellogg Company (NYSE: K), our vision is a good and just world where people are not just fed but fulfilled. In India, we serve consumers with a wide range of cereals which are made with staple grains like wheat, corn, and rice. Our cereals fulfill the diverse nutrition needs of different members in the family, be it the home-maker, growing children or adults on the go. Our trusted brands such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, Kellogg’s CHOCOS®, Kellogg’s® Muesli, Kellogg’s® Chocos® Fills, Kellogg’s® Oats, and Kellogg’s® Upma are loved by millions of consumers in India. Kellogg’s cereals, made in India, are consumed in the country and exported to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh & Maldives.

We began our journey in India by setting up a manufacturing plant at Taloja (Maharashtra) in 1994. Since then, we have innovated, invested in, and built the breakfast cereal category. We grew our commitment towards Make in India by launching our second manufacturing facility at Sri City (Andhra Pradesh) in 2015. We also established a Research and Development Centre in India that caters to the demand of the South Asian markets for Kellogg.

We are a company with a heart and soul, which is why we aim to nourish India’s potential with our fortified foods and tap into our 100 years+ expertise in grains to make that a reality.  Moreover, our heart and soul is reflected in our CSR and sustainability efforts such as Bright Start, under which, children from the underprivileged sections are fed with fortified cereals and milk as breakfast.

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