Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Video Commerce Marketplace ‘BigBox’ Launches Video Shopping For Over 27 Categories

* Onboarded Renowned Brand Names Like Sangeetha Mobile, Pothys Hypermarket, Basicslife, Godrej Real Good, etc.

* Plans to add at least 2000 more stores in the next 6 months

‘BigBox’, India’s first ever video commerce (V-comm) marketplace, today announced that it has launched its operations by onboarding over 100 retail stores across Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Founded by Santhosh Palavesh (Founder & CEO), BigBox is a first of its kind SaaS platform that would help retailers go online within 30 minutes. The start-up aims to target the hyperlocal retail stores that have suffered tremendous business opportunity on account of the Covid19 lockdown. BigBox is looking to disrupt the day-to-day shopping experience by enabling customers to shop from the comfort of their homes via a video call to their neighborhood retail stores and have their orders customized to their better-suited interests.

Speaking on the launch Mr. Palavesh said, “The Indian brick & mortar players have suffered severe business losses due to the multiple lockdowns. While restaurants, pharmacies and even e-commerce players managed to gain some traction, it was the traditional retail outlets that had to bear the brunt. Not only did walk-in customers disappear overnight, the traditional shop owners had no means to take their business digital.”

Looking at this huge opportunity, Santhosh partnered with Mr. Balachandar R. (Co-Founder – BigBox), who has a wealth of experience in retail heading leading retail brands & is also the Council member and lead volunteer of the Retail Association of India, Chennai and both launched a pilot of BigBox in Chennai. Unlike the big e-commerce players who charge a commission of anywhere between XX% = XX%, BigBox works on a pure play SaaS model charging only INR 2,500 per connection. The app is available both on iOS and Android allowing the customers to video call and shop from anywhere across the world. 

Mr. Balachandar R., Co-Founder of BigBox said, “Bigbox was founded with the objective of empowering the physical retailer to connect personally with the consumer through video without the limitations of a physical space and make digital sales easy for retailers by providing features of catalog, billing and logistics with easy plug n play and low costs. Going forward, we would be onboarding more than 2000 retailers and over 100 national chains across India in the next 6 months.” 

BigBox is the perfect platform that helps retailers take their business online instantly. Speaking about onboarding retailers, Santhosh said, “Retailers need not require e-commerce expertise or a website to start video selling, nor do they have to burn cash for digital marketing. BigBox handles door-to-door deliveries through third-party logistics providers, for these sellers. BigBox offers 27 categories of video shopping spanning Mobiles & Electronics, Grocery, Jewellery, Furniture, Footwear to Services, Restaurants, Pharmacy, Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Industrial Goods, Sports & Outdoor etc.”

To start video selling on BigBox, retailers have to download the BigBox Seller App and sign up using their mobile number. After choosing a subscription package to begin with and entering payment details, they have to enter store location and other details to start selling.

About BigBox:

Bigbox, India’s first ever hyperlocal video shopping marketplace, is a revolutionary step in the Indian market creating a whole new ecosystem called V-Commerce (Video Commerce). Founded by serial entrepreneur - Santhosh Palavesh (Founder & CEO) along with cofounder Balachandar.R, BigBox is created with a sole focus to digitally empower the local shop owners of India in these trying times of Covid19. India is racing towards a complete digital adoption, and the Indian e-commerce industry is expected to be a $200Bn market by 2026.

Traditional Indian retailers were already finding it difficult to stay relevant for the customers who were adapting to e-commerce platforms. The Covid19 pandemic has only expedited the need for every traditional retail business to go digital, so as to reduce human touch to the maximum limit possible. In these trying times, BigBox offers a seamless platform for retailers to use video commerce, enabling them to connect with customers over a live video call and also enabling customers to shop from any retail store from the comfort of their home. 

Headquartered in Chennai, BigBox has already onboarded 50+ retail stores and some renowned retail chains like Viveks electronics, Basicslife, Derby Clothing, etc. By creating a virtual video mall, BigBox has given retail chain owners a pan India audience and is helping them to get customers from any part of the country. Along with a personalized shopping experience, BigBox also integrated e-com features like doorstep pickup and delivery, accelerated online shopping, secure payment methods, and a wider video shopping marketplace. 

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